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We’ve seen multiple little syma helicopters,syma s107,syma 111g,syma 109 and so on,which are all the indoor you may have thought the question”can syma make large scale helicopters for outdoor flight?”Now you can clear up your doubt due to the coming out of Syma s033.

Syma s033,the latest syma outdoor helicopter with large body,makes a number of great improvements in both its design and technology.77cm super body of Syma s033 gives you amazing experience in flight,which is totally different thrill from that of original syma little helicopters.The upgrade gyro technology make sure you’ll have a more stable flight.Double protection technology can block your helicopter from many accidents,especially when your chopper chokes between two narrow walls or other hard obstacles,it can automatically power-off so that your helicopter won’t be further damaged.7.4V 1500Mah li-po battery can offer you a 6-8 minutes flight time after a full charging(around 120 minutes).

In conclusion,Syma s033 is a gift symatoys gives us to experience  unparallel stable outdoor flight.

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It seems that syma helicopter will not let Syma S107  stand out for longer time,though syma brought out a number of little RC helicopter last year,not a single one can achieve the accomplishment Syma S107 made.However;the situation may completely change now.

Some guys like syma helicopter due to its strong body,well built structure and spare parts available everywhere,Some guys

like its well design looks and high cost effective performance.This time,Syma 800G not only get all the advantages its previous peers have but also more surprise.

As a 4 channel little helicopter,it won’t change a lot,just move backward/forward/up/down,turn right/left,fly sideward,but have better sensibility with controller.Unlike the original flash lights,Syma 800G offers a verisimilar searching light,making you feel it’s not a toy but a helicopter for you to carry out mission.Upgrade gyro device equiped in this helicopter,it is guaranteed that it is more stable in flight.What’s more,double protection security structure make helicopter flys more safety as it will be power-off automatically when chocked.The other specification almost the same as syma s107,so I don’t need to repeat it.

Syma 800G is an absolutely new product now,it just hit shelves for a couple of weeks.With the promotion to this helicopter being bigger and bigger,I think more and more will like Syma 800G just like they like Syma S107.

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Recently,I’ve found more and more posts about WL V911  RC Helicopter.I just think over why this helicopter can quickly attract our attentions in such a short time.Well,when we refer to a good product,on one hand,it should meet our a certain how about WL V911?Syma s107′s popularity brings us some rules a product selling like hot cakes should meet,like strong body,stable flight and  spare parts available from many resources.There is no doubt that WL V911 is just in the sphere of those rules,even better.As a helicopter intended for those from entry level to medium level,it is practical right for beginners too.It can not only offer more stable flight than other little helicopters to green hands but also make medium level guys enjoy some premier maneuvers,like flying sideward and flying up-down.

On the other hand,it shouldn’t exceed our budget.This WL V911 helicopter list about $50,though a little bit expensive than those low-end little helicopters,much cheaper than those Align,walkera helicopters,hence, except parents (they are the main buyers of RC toys,though they finally give them to their kids),a large number of teens can purchase this helicopter on their own.That’s another reason WL V911 can catch on.

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If you ask a question”what is the top one hot selling little helicopter in past two years?”,most guys will answer”syma s107″. Honestly,I don’t know the exact answer which helicopter is best selling little helicopter,however;even syma s107 is not top one best selling,it is one of the best selling.

I know that there is definitely no need to mention the performance and specification of syma s107 to you guys,but I just doubt whether you’ve already known the latest syma s107c,a little helicopter more impressive and powerful than the original syma s107/syma s107g.

The most important upgrade of syma s107c is the High Resolution Camera equipped in helicopter with which you guys can shoot HD videos when you steer your hobby.Meanwhile,the improved gyro technology makes the whole helicopter body more stable in flight.Double Protection Function offers you more secure flight,it will automatically power off when it is choked,so you needn’t worry about it will fall into pieces when it runs into something hard.Mentioning spare parts,like the other syma helicopter,you can get all spare parts you need in almost any RC online shop.

All in all,syma hobbists or helicopter video fanboys,entry level people or advanced hobby fans,you all have reasons to get this new syma s107C.Believe me,you’ll like it.

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The helicopter’s rotor

The helicopter’s rotor mainly symmetric rotor and asymmetric rotor, symmetric rotor refers to the use of symmetric airfoil rotor, mainly for 3D flight, the common equidistant rotor multi-symmetric rotor. Include all offset rotor and asymmetric rotor for F3C flying equidistant rotor, there are many asymmetric rotor.

Why before the rotor using the dynamic / static balance?
A: static balance refers to the weight of two, balancing refers to the center of gravity of two! For example, we all know the power of bullets, in fact, the weight of the bullet is only about 20g, its power comes from more than 700m / s speed, high-speed gives him a great deal of kinetic energy! The outermost line of the high-speed rotation of the propeller speed can reach 60m / s (200km / h) or more! Have high kinetic energy can not be ignored. Such speeds, the kinetic energy generated by the different weight difference is also great, causing a huge shock! If the same weight, while the center of gravity will also appear in the same radius (concentric circles), the kinetic energy will be different. It is necessary to ensure that the static and dynamic balance of the propeller!

What is the oars?
A: sculls refers to two or more only blade rotation, a high and a low is not the same plane of rotation. The mouth of the blade tip is like open scissors. The sculls different two or more only paddle pitch (lift completion of two oars, dynamic / static balancing work). As long as the mark in all of the blade tip to cook and as a benchmark to one of the other paddle, and then observe the rotation in the upper or the lower part of the benchmark propeller can be on the other propeller blade angle, making minor adjustments to once again observe, such as observed less than a high one low two rotating plane already eliminate sculls. The oars cause strong vibration, and must be eliminated!

Paddle the first control group:
Paddle control group, also known as the rotating head.For the complete cycle of the model helicopter main rotor pitch, adjust the rotor lift distribution, change of flight attitude.The device key components of the tilt plate (also called the swashplate), as well as a variety of rod and seesaw structure. A small number of model aircraft using a straight pull structure and aileron structure.

The tilt control of the disk:
What is the common swashplate control mode? What is CCPM swashplate control mode?
They What is the difference?
A: in the normal mode swashplate control refers to the mechanical mixing, and is now very rare, aileron action only by the aileron servo, lifting the action only by the elevator machine pitch change only by paddle done away from the steering gear, 3 Servo carry out their duties. CCPM mode swashplate control mode, the swash plate to an action by the three servos at the same time the action is completed. Such as changes in pitch 3 servos at the same time sliding the puck up and down movement of the aileron action by the aileron and pitch servos at the same time a push to a pull to complete the action of lifting the elevator machine and the ailerons and paddle away from the steering gear completion of a push a pull-up completed.
View from above the difference, compare the difference between the normal mode on a single steering gear torque requirements are relatively high, because a single action only one steering gear output, while the CCPM any single action of at least two steering gear output, so the rudder machine’s torque requirements are lower. However, the higher of CCPM Servo consistency of performance requirements, stroke and speed of the steering gear should be as much as possible, otherwise it will create action deformation, such as pitch change 3 Servo Ibid same, if the trip is not the same. will result in injustice, of the different pitch swashplate tilt. If the speed is not the same, the same will result in the injustice of the puck in the pitch change!
Not feel any difference between flight performance for beginners device lightweight electric helicopter, CCPM has the advantage on the weight and movement of forces, so if 3D flight CCPM will reflect a distinct advantage ! F3C flight CCPM also more stable performance.

More infomation please attention syma s107g helicopter!