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Mini RC helicopter,as you can understand,is a good bit smaller than a standard model helicopter.Generally speaking, some people like to differentiate it from a micro RC helicopter,of course,is a precise opinion.Here I consider that it has little difference.Because it is less expensive than the larger one,including for some good technology applied by this kind of RC helicopter,such as iPhone helicopter which you can control through iPhone or iPad.And this is a very good improvement and make people like this hobby especially for kids.Maybe once you could worry about which gift is subitable for kids,but now a mini RC helicopter can help you win the praise of children.

In the past ,RC helicopter is much larger and more expensive,what’more,insensitive reactions and big risk of crashing make it hard acceptable for ordinary people.At present,this has been a history.Because it is more smaller,lighter,and its prices have been declined so sharply.Now it costs less than $50.

Mini RC helicopter are more steady and need not to have more controls than larger models,so this kind of copter is more suitable for kids and beginners.because it can’t go as fast or carry out all the maneuvers than larger ones.So some people think it can be located between toy and hobby-grades.What’more,its cheaper and less difficult to master,so the mini one is better suitable for 8 and up ,while some toys can be flown by kids as young as 6 or 7.

This kind of RC helicopter is quiet,non-polluting,,and it don’t need the maintenance that gas aircraft.But mini RC helicopter fly about 5-10 minutes after you must charge again.And it has a flying range of between of 30 feet (10metres)-45feet (14 metres ).So mini RC helicopter is more suitable for indoor flight.So also for you kids,it is a better choice.

When you are going to purchase a mini RC helicopter as your kids’ gift ,there are some factors you must look out.The first is the flight duration that means the average flight time in the air when fully charged.Then you must check the durability,which you can see according to withstand any crashes.what’s more ,you need to know how easy it is to operate and control the copter.The speed of it can must be checked carefully.Then the flight range,that is how far the copter can travel from the receiver .Also you can depend on the above datas.Another thing is the appearance,for some ones may have low quality but for a better novelty apperance lied you.Of course,maybe there are some parts like flashing LED lights,which some mini RC helicopters haven’t, and you can depend on conditions. Also you can gain more information through on-line.

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Syma’s finally taken their first step into 4 channel helicopters with the Syma S800G and I have to say I’m impressed.

Pros- great small helicopter, responsive servos, strong metal body, extra canopy and rotors, swash plate, great for beginners, great low price, gyro stabilized, USB charger.
Cons-Mode 4 controlled instead of mode 2, bright forward facing light is annoying, infra red controlled.


The S800 G is a classic coaxial helicopter that uses 2 servos connected to a swash plate for control.
It uses a new simple elegant servo and it looks like they can even be adjusted to make the helicopter more agile.

The swash plate controls both forward reverse motion as well as left right motion,
Speeding up both rotors controls thrust up and down
And speeding up a single set of rotors makes it spin left or right.

It’s a very sturdy crash resistant helicopter and it’s great for beginners, it even comes with an extra set of rotors and a screw driver. Just remember if you ever need to change your rotors don’t loose the little washers that fit inside each rotor because it doesn’t come with an extra set.

It comes with a black and a white canopy and a black and a white set of rotors.
The canopy is easy to switch out and it’s made of thick durable plastic with a nice metallic shine to it.

The body is mostly made of a sturdy metal with a few pieces of plastic, the overall look is sleek and shiny and the swash plate and servos make it a great learning tool for new pilots.

It’s very crash resistant and a great first helicopter

It’s flight time is about 7 to 10 minutes and it’s charge time is about 50 minutes.

It can be charged from the transmitter but I recommend using the supplied USB charger.

It uses a standard 3.7 volt 150 Milliamp battery.

The helicopter has low voltage protection built in so when the battery starts to run low the helicopter lands itself to let you know it’s time to recharge.

It’s controlled by a tiny 4 channel infra red transmitter that doubles as a charger.

The controls are very responsive and the heli can be maneuvered with a lot of precision.

But when it comes to 4 channel transmitters not all are created equally.

The version I’m flying came with a mode 4 transmitter which I’m not a fan of.
Mode 4 refers to the control layout.
Mode 4 uses the left transmitter stick to control up down and left right motion and it uses the right transmitter stick to control forward reverse and spin

Usually when I fly 4 channel helicopters I like to use a mode 2 transmitter.
Mode 2 transmitters use the left stick for up down and spin and the right stick to control forward reverse and left right motion.

If you order one try to get a mode 2 transmitter if you can.

I think it’s a very well built helicopter at a low cost,
it is infra red controlled so your range is limited and its forward facing light is a little bright but it’s still a very well built inexpensive 4 channel helicopter that’s great for beginners and experienced pilots alike, if you have a chance you should have a flight.


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Do you have an experience of RC helicopter? Many people who have used the best RC helicopter and other related helicopters have often been very impressed with the outcome and consequently it is known that, some of these people have passed several testimonies that indeed can be helpful to some people in one way or the other. Some testimonies in general often depict the true meaning of something whiles some of the testimonies may also be false. Well it all depends on the individual involved reading or listening to such testimonies and as such when these testimonies are well considered, they can aid in many making the right choice.

Some testimonies are usually on the point that, RC helicopters are less expensive and this of course implies any interested person can also make purchase. Well although this is mostly the testimony of some people, it may not be entirely true to some people as well. But then when it happens that, the testimonies on that aspect are over weighing the negative part, then it is obvious that, what is being said is true and consequently needs to be paid attention to. Any commodity that is less expensive certainly gives many the opportunities to also possess one and this is exactly the main reason why it is important to pay much attention on such things all the time.

Furthermore, some of the testimonies are also on the point that, some of the helicopters especially that of mini RC helicopter are very durable. In fact durability is one such aspect that needs to be made known because without it, it is obvious majorities will certainly lose interests in the various helicopters. Any one listening to such a testimony will obviously be convinced that, when such a helicopter is purchased, it will be used for a very long time before thinking of another one. All these things needs to be considered all the time in order to make things work effectively.

Nevertheless, some of the testimonies were also on the fact that, majorities of these helicopters do possess so much beauty especially that of SYMA s107g helicopters. Anyone who sets his or her eyes on this particular helicopter will definitely be convinced that, its appearance is unique and hence very beautiful. Paying attention on this area is often one of the most important things to do and thus necessary to pay much attention on. All those who usually wish to purchase the very beautiful helicopters should be ready to listen to some of these testimonies.

Moreover, some of the testimonies also centered on the fact that, it is often very entertaining when using any of the helicopters at leisure times especially that of the SYMA helicopters. This is indeed one area that requires a lot of attention and hence needs to be talked about. The main aim of the helicopters is to entertain and so without entertainment no one will be forcing to make use such a thing. Thus those who truly wish to be entertained at their leisure time should always go in of such helicopters.

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There are often reasons why some particular things are usually purchased and as such it is usually necessary when some of these reasons are made clear for the understanding of all. To be precise, those who have often used the SYMA s107g helicopter usually see a whole lot of things necessary with. Until such a helicopter is used for sometime, many still do not know why it is important to pay attention on that aspect. This is obviously an aspect that of course requires more attention and hence needs to be elaborated upon for more understanding.

In the first place, one reason why it is necessary is that, a RC helicopter often possesses a remote control and this remote control is so sensitive that, it enables a whole lot of things to work effectively. This is indeed one aspect that of course needs more elaboration since some people may not be aware. Possessing much knowledge on this aspect is considered imperative and consequently more attention should be paid towards that aspect as well. Without a remote control, it is obvious the helicopter will be very difficult to control and this is yet an aspect usually considered very necessary and as such should be deliberated upon.

Furthermore, another reason is that, most of the helicopters are mostly noted to be less expensive especially that of mini RC helicopter. This is very true because some people have purchased such helicopters and have been very glad with the outcome and for this motive, it is mostly necessary to pay much attention on such areas all the time to make things easier for other interested persons. This is indeed one area that needs more emphasis because it makes issues a little more easily and consequently should be considered at all time.

Nevertheless, it is also noted that, it is very entertaining using the best RC helicopter and this is yet an aspect that of course requires a lot of consideration. In fact without such helicopters, it is obvious that, majorities will certainly not know where to go for their entertainment and this is yet an issue and consequently needs to be made known. There is no need travelling to any place when this particular helicopter can be used for entertainment. The only thing required here is to know how to use the helicopter effectively and with this it is obvious that, a lot of things will be well handled.

Hitherto, another reason why these helicopters should be used especially that of the SYMA helicopters is that, they can easily be used under any geographical location. This is yet an aspect that requires a lot of attention because it makes issues very easy and straight to the point. As a matter of fact, those who have often ordered for such helicopters whiles living in other continents are mostly very glad immediately they give the helicopter a try and with this it is obvious that, any other person can achieve something great from that.

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Before this time I rarely concerned about RC helicopter until I experienced many amusing things.My friend purchased an avatar helicopter on the Internet,which is army green,and pilot can do many kinds of flight movement,such as ascending,hover,left and right.So this make me enjoy this hobby and indagate this kind of device.

It has been through so many massive changes recently,and advancement in gyro technology,more serviceable components and cheaper entry level helicopter that have made pilot to control more easily and more enjoyable.So with the new gyro technology,beginners can learn the basics of RC helicopter flight as soon as possible.what’s more,with the serviceable components and other parts make crashing is as devastating as they used to be either.That is a very important thing for beginners,which can save some money without doubt.

For technical progress,RC helicopter will be controlled easier and more enjoyable.It also give people a surprise gift now. As you can see, in the market there are many kinds of models ,which have a common point:a standard micro helicopter. So you would find it can also fly outdoor and also in a relative limited house.Moreover, it can charges off any standard USB, having a lower noise and not easily damaged.Recently it can changed into one controlled by a smart phone,which is a surprising thing.

iPhone helicopter can be controlled directly from an iPad,iPhone,iPod touch or Android-compatible device.And it is made of lightweight,durable components very suitable.The use of iPhone to operate the helicopter very well.For example,it can avoid the helicopter crashing. Because you can’t always keep your fingers on the phone,if you feel tired and leave the interface , the copter will go into the autopilot mode ,which the helicopter will hover at its current location.And if you continue to put your fingers back on iPhone and start to control it,and iPhone helicopter will recover a manual control mode.So this character can make it welcome and special .Also, flash light equipped with this kind of helicopter make pilot can fly at night or in the dark.

Above in all,as a new advanced helicopter,it is a really surprising thing.And it will a determined point that once you try to play a special activity, RC helicopter will give you a satisfying answer. Decades of advaced technology in the world of it have all culminated ultimately.It includes the  latest technology, which have an ability to charge from USB and be controlled by a smart phone.So as a good gift to your friend or family,it is a best choice.