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July 31st, 2012  Posted at   andriod mini pc

Lightake Android Mini PC 4.0 HD 1080P Network Media Player Parameters


Material Aluminum alloy
Color Black
OS Android 4.0
Chipset Allwinner A10
Memory Card Type Supports TF card up to 16GB
Expansion Slot USB 2.0
External Storage Supports USB flash drive up to 32GB
Internal Storage 4GB
Audio Format MP3 / ACC / OGG / WMA / WAV / M4A / APE
Video Format MKV / TS / TP / M2TS / RM/RMVB / BD-ISO / AVI / MPG / VOB / DAT / ASF / TRP / FLV
Output Resolution 1080P
Picture Formats JPG / BMP / GIF / TIFF / PNG.
Subtitle Formats SRT / SUB / IDX / SSA / SMI
OS Language Chinese / English / Spainish / French / German / Italian / Dutch / Russian
Video Interface HDMI
Audio Interface AV
Other Interface WIFI:802.11b/g/n ;1xUSB HOST,1xUSB OTG,1xTF,1xDC5V
Power Supply US Plug
Power Input 100~240V
Package dimensions 135.0*113.0*64.0mm
Weight 294.0g
Additional Features Remote controller powered by 2 x AAA batteries
Packing List 1 x Media Player
1 x Remote Controller
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x Charging Adapter (US Plug)
1 x Antenna

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Remote control toys, I believe many people have played in childhood, only need one remote control, you can make it listen to your command. You want it back, forward or attack the enemy simply click on the remote control button, it will be under the command of your. Remote tanks are also many childhood favorite toys, today to introduce a remote tank for Hang Long.

Heng Long 3899-1 1/16 Scale Chinese ZTZ99 Battle RC Tank Features

Brand new and high quality Transforming Infrared RC Amphibious Tank with Water Cannon
Inventive and ergonomic design
1/16 Full Scale R/C function high simulative tank
Can fire BBs bullet
Strong programming function
Built-in 7.2V 1700mAh rechargeable battery
8*AA Battery for remote control (not included)
Functions of Forward, backward, turn left, turn right, spin, shoot BB bullets, smoking
Perfect item for your friends and your kids

Heng Long 3899-1 1/16 Scale Chinese ZTZ99 Battle RC Tank Specifications

Color: Camouflage
Working Time: 3-40 min
Remote Control Distance: 150m
Turning Angel of Turret (left/right): 320 degree
Vertical Turning Angel of Gun (up/down): 30 degree
Firing Range of Motor Air Gun: Appr.25m
Gun shell: BB shell
Dimensions: 830.0*240.0*160.0mm
Weight: 5200.0g

Heng Long 3899-1 1/16 Scale Chinese ZTZ99 Battle RC Tank Package Included

1 x Heng Long 3899-1 1/16 Scale Chinese ZTZ99 Battle RC Tank
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Charger
1 x 7.2V Battery pack
1 x Manual

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1.reduce the screen brightness

Settings -> Sound and display settings -> brightness to adjust the screen brightness to the appropriate value, in fact, the Android phone screen brightness even if transferred to a minimum can also be very clear, but it can save power for mobile phones supporting the optical sensor You can check the “Automatic brightness” automatically adjusts screen brightness according to ambient light. Users can also download the Market’s electronic market to adjust the screen brightness Widget at any time convenient to set

2.Turn off WiFi and 4G networks to remind

When not turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and 4G, many unlocked cell phones with wifi have built-in Widget plug-in to open and close the function, if not pre-installed to the Android Market electronics market Download Toggle Widget of this software.
Through the phone menu Settings -> Wireless Network Settings -> Wi-Fi settings, deselect the network notification function. HTC EVO 4G mobile phone users can also be closed in accordance with this approach 4G network reminders.

3.Turn off data roaming

Phone menu Settings -> Wireless Network Settings -> mobile network settings, uncheck the data roaming, cancel data roaming can save a lot of cell phone battery, but does not affect the program and the mobile phone network functionality, the program can still connect to the network at any time.

4. close the account synchronization

If you do not use gmail and other Google services, can be set -> Account and synchronization, deselect the automatic synchronization. Using automatic synchronization in the phone background automatically synchronize your calendar, contacts, gmail mail and photos to Google’s servers, turn off the automatic synchronization feature also can save the network traffic

5.Reduce screen standby timeout

Settings -> Sound and display settings, select the appropriate screen standby timeout, you can choose 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or never timeout, select too short screen ultra- when the time will often cause the phone to black, and personal recommendations are set to 1 minute. When not manually shut down the screen, this is a save battery very good habit, but it needs some time to develop, each time reading the phone in their pocket and press the power button (hold button) allows mobile phone black, there are some Android cell phones like the HTC EVO 4G power button in the top of the phone, the same, this is really a low-carbon and extend cell phone battery, good habits.

6.Turn off the background data synchronization

Select the background data set -> Account and synchronization, cancel, pay attention to this may make some network program does not work.

7. reduce the automatic updates of the synchronization frequency

Android has a lot of support to automatically synchronize data procedures, such as the weather program, news program, stock performance, as well as Twitter, social networking program, you can change the synchronization frequency of these programs to save electricity.

8.Close the positioning of the wireless network

If you do not use Google Maps location of the program can be set -> Location and security settings to turn off the wireless network function.

9.Close the window animation

While these animations look cool, but in fact is also very power, if you do not mind the phone display can be set -> sound and display settings -> animation -> animation, close the window animation effects.

10.Do not Live Wallpaper dynamic wallpaper

Dynamic wallpaper is the only new features from the Android 2.1 system, and also looks very cool stuff, but also consumes electricity and phone resources to replace a static wallpaper not only can help you with mobile nodes, mobile phones running smoother .
Make full use of the low brightness of the wallpaper, although it may not help you section how much power, but if you do have the right wallpaper, put it

11.turn off Wi-Fi sleep policy

This may sound a little weird, but Wi-Fi dormant the phone will automatically switch to 3G networks, 3G networks may consume more battery power than Wi-Fi. Can be set -> wireless network settings -> Wi-Fi settings, and then use the menu key, select Advanced Options, open Wi-Fi sleep policy, select Sleep never turn off turn off WiFi sleep policy.

12.monitor your cell phone process (consider using the Task killer management process)

Android 2.1 system began to support the service management function, by setting -> Application Settings -> service is running, shut down unnecessary services to save power, is also recommended at any time to kill do not need to download Task killer process management software to process, both the same node also can save phone memory.

13.careful in choosing your screen Widget

Widget (widget) is most likely to run out of battery program type, because a lot Widget real-time access to the network, such as Twitter, news, stocks, mail, weather widget can quickly deplete your power, so please choose carefully.

14.Close the color of the LED remind lamps

For some people this is a useful feature, and can prompt lights of different colors to determine the unread e-mail text messages or missed calls, but most people are turned off.

15.turn off the cell phone vibration

Things that occur in addition to prevent the sort of dropped calls in a noisy environment, you have any reason to open the phone vibration, at least in the office and at home when you can by setting -> sound and display settings, turn off the phone vibration. You can also set off the button operation tone.

The most effective way is to buy a high-capacity mobile phone battery, and above 20 kinds of methods do not have all normal conditions this battery also allows your phone to add a day of standby time.

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Cell mobile plans are generally categorized into prepaid or postpaid. Postpaid consumers indication a agreement with the support supplier, wherein they are billed a selected volume per thirty days, no matter their use. An intensive credit score investigate is done by the supplier on the subscriber. In prepaid mobile telephone scheme, the consumer purchases a particular ‘talk time’ through the support provider business enterprise beforehand. The subscriber may get his prepaid card refilled, if he operates out of speak time. Prepaid link fails to require any credit score check and is 100 % problem cost-free. However, you will need to assess the quantity of time you pay to the cellphone, earlier than you agree for almost any of such schemes. On a mean, many people absolutely need about 450 minutes of cell mobile phone chat time. Hence, you can reward from a plan that fees you for 500 minutes monthly. Generally, the charges of assistance services for five hundred minutes of mobile cell phone discuss time is about US$ thirty – US$ fifty. Then again, those that hardly ever use a mobile cell phone, you could possibly too go for a prepaid solution, to make sure that you happen to be only charged for regardless of what minor speak time you utilize.

Compare various types of mobile phone price

After, you choose the payment alternative, it’s time to select a program supplier organization. Some corporations may very well have finest promotions on prepaid designs while others possibly will give lucrative schemes for postpaid consumers. Drop by the web sites of multiple assistance provider companies and look at their programs. You may find that a specific business enterprise could possibly have cheaper strategies for text messages even when another will give you discounted calling fees. Some suppliers even offer free of charge minutes at night or on weekends. Thereby, depending on your requirements you may choose any of these programs. Also, check the options for prolonged length calls as well as protection in rural zones. If you happen to constantly make very long distance calls, you could possibly gain from the schedule which offers more affordable lengthy length calls. Regardless, in that event, you could possibly must pay a bit more for community calls, than regular premiums. In the finish, you may have to determine a regimen that best satisfies your needs and prerequisites.

Select the most suitable for your android cell phones unlocked

In case you do a little bit of examine and analysis the designs of many suppliers, you may realistically find out most suitable and most inexpensive mobile phone programs that suit your demands. In case you utilize to get a connection through specified time of year or throughout the vacations, you will receive a carry out waiver on activation fees. This fashion you may give you the chance to save as much as US$ 40. Also, its normally smart to initiate from a reduced pace scheme and after that proceed to some larger a person, when there is a requirement for more speak time. Else, you could possibly squander a few of your mobile mobile phone minutes almost every month. You may additionally gain loads if you should subscribe for comparable support as your friends and loved ones, as network establishments supply you with appealing schemes for everyday people on the comparable community.

Much less expensive mobile cell phone policies are certainly not so hard to get hold of, should you commit somewhat time in researching the various designs presented inside advertise. If a particular system fails to go well with your standards, you always contain the alternative of switching to a different a single.

The phone’s operating system is also very important, the phone on the market are generally the android operating system, the Android OS phone easy to operate mobile phone a lot of applications, and slowly become the first choice for many mobile phone manufacturers.If you’re looking for a phone can also give more consideration to these factors.

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Shenzhen, Guangdong — (SBWIRE) — 07/23/2012 — The best cosplay costumes don’t have to be expensive, what matters; here is how you look when you wear your favorite attire and enjoy the fun. The emergence of Japanese costumes that are based on their anime has changed the image of the party goers. They’ve added some twist to it by wearing their favorite anime costume; where to buy all of these costumes are made ever convenient these days.

Where To Buy The Best Cosplay Costumes

LighTake is a dropshipping company that sells the best cosplay costumes to anime lovers from all over. Their price is very affordable ranging from $30 and up on a retail basis. They are also offering wholesale prices for those who want to buy in bulk. Bulk pricing is much cheaper than the retail price, hence you are given the choice to either buy just one piece of more than.

Cosplay costume is not only for young adults but to kids as well. It can also be a family affair, like the whole members within the family can wear one particular cosplay costumes. Selling these items is not hard because there are buyers who are really following the costumes of their favorite characters and flaunt it whenever they have the chance or through parties.

Wide Choices

When you search on the site if LighTake, you will be presented with different styles of cosplay costumes / best naruto cosplay / one piece cosplay. For instance, the Naruto costumes, you can choose as many as you can, there are at least 92 items to choose from, all depicting Naruto style. Seeing the high demand for these costumes, online retailers can easily sign up and become one of the business partners of LighTake and start promoting the product.

If the cosplay attire is not in your category perhaps you can add one now. Anime attire is in demand and when you can buy it in wholesale value; you can max up your income. Depending on the number of items you will be buying, you can resell it fairly based on your competitor’s price range or even lower. For instance, Naruto’s headband cost $4.99 on retail and the wholesale is $4.56. From the quote, you can play well with your pricing given the discount that you can enjoy.

Partner with a stable Company

Partnering with a reputable China dropship company( is the secret of success in most online retailers. They get high-quality goods at affordable prices. And this is what the end users are looking for. They can buy products that are worth its value with a good customer support. And whenever you buyers will ask for a repeat order; you don’t have to worry about the stock availability because your dropship partner can scout for the same stock or a close alternative of the specific product.

Essentially, this is how online selling works. Owners promote products from dropshipping companies and earn their living there. There is no need to worry about the backroom work, because the dropshipping company handles everything, from packing to shipping and that is for free, if regular mail is used or with a fee for express mail.