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June 4th, 2013  Posted at   car dvd player

Nowadays, cars have become one of the most important forms of transportation. People not only use them to make the journey faster and more convenient, but also equip them with kinds of devices available for leisure and entertainment. Among all the entertainment units, a multifunctional car DVD is especially helpful to bring people amusement and pleasure during the driving. However, when facing the options of car DVD models, some people may have no idea how to select a suitable one.

The best 6inch car dvd player features:

.Brand new 7620G 6” Touch Car DVD Player w/ ATV/ 3G/ WiFi/ RGB Color Display/ Rearview Video Display/ AM/FM Universal

.Built in Analog TV function

.6 Inches high sensitive touch panel

.Built in TV-ANT cable

.Color illumination, available in many button backlight colors (more options from RGB color palette)

.Built-In clock and calendar, it has a real clock to show time, clock/date/week adjustable

.One GPS SD card slot (on the left)

.Mini USB interface (on the left)

.Support maximum memory of SD card up to 32 GB (SD card not included)

.One CD/DVD Driver (on the top of the machine)

.One iPod interface (on the back of the machine)

.Connect 3G/WiFi/USB modem more ways to access the internet

.Virtual eight-disc can copy songs from external device to the virtual disc

.Support the latest Picture in Picture function, driver can watch TV or DVD Videos while navigating

.Change the Icon-Position, the position of icons can be changed at will

. 3D Rotating Screen Menu, it will show 3D Interface while change the screen menu

.Support Bluetooth functions you can pick up or hang up a coming call in GPS mode

.Road maps can be stored in GPS SD card freely.

.iPod dedicated interface connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereos RCA port

.Built in Opera Mini Brower

.Under GPS mode the background images can be changed or replaced with your own pictures

.DVD mode support ten languages English/Turkish/Japanese/ Russian/ Italian/ German/ French/Spanish/Arabic simplified Chinese

.GPS mode support sixteen languages Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ English/ German/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/Italian/Dutch/Arabic/Turkish/polish/Japanese/Greek/Persian

.Download phone book function, you can download contact information from your phone to this unit

. AM/FM function enjoy global FM & AM stereo on the go

.Support subwoofer output the value can be adjusted

.Built in games link/gobang bring you more fun

.This machine is very power-saving

.Hand Brake Control, Remote Control, Anti-Shock

.Best seller in Europe and United States

.Note: Please remove the protection screw before installing

GPS Mode:

.Navigation Setting: Press navigation icon enter map route setting interface, press file icon then choose map file route to find out GPS map applications document and press ”OK” to save ,press return key to GPS main menu.  Then press console icon enter into console and press navigation icon will enter into GPS working status

.Usual Setting: Yes

.Calibration: Yes

.Background: Yes

.Calendar: Yes

.System Setting: Yes
ATV Mode

.Automatically scan channels: Press “Automatically scan channels” to scan and save the channels

.Format conversation: Press “Format Conversation” to select the correct TV audio/video system

Bluetooth Mode:

.The Bluetooth function is automatically activated when you turn on the mobile phone.

Search the matched equipment by the Bluetooth mobile phone when it is matched for the first time .You will find the Bluetooth device of the mobile phone named, choose “OK” and input “0000” to confirm .Your mobile phone shows that matching is successful. Then you can choose “connect” to connect the Bluetooth.

The mobile phone will connect the Bluetooth device automatically next time if it has been matched.

.Giving/Receiving Calls: Yes

.Music Play of Mobile Phone: Yes

.Link/Cut Bluetooth: Yes

.Redial: Yes


.Program Selection Setup: Select next or previous respectively

.Fast Forward/fast Backward: Yes

.Volume Control: Yes


.Repeat Play: Press “Repeat” to set the repeat mode (All repeat/single repeat/repeat off). Note the default mode is “All Repeat”

.Pause Play: Yes

.Select Program Setup: Yes

.Fast Forward/fast Backward: Yes

Radio Mode:

.Band Switch: The switching order is FM1/FM2/FM3/Am1/AM2

.Automatically Scan Radio: Press “Automatically Scan Radio” the unit will auto- scan radio and save them into each wave band

.LOC: Press “LOC” button to setup remote or short-range scan radio mode of unit, if be setup in short-range scan mode, the unit just receive local strong signal radio. If be setup in remote mode, it will receive local and remote radios

.Stereo and single track switch: Yes

.Volume Control: The volume is split into 40 grades. If you turn off the unit (or close the ACC lock) when the volume is set below 30,the unit will come to the previous volume when you restart the device; If the volume is set above 30,the unit will restore to default 15 after you restart the unit

.Manual Scan: Yes

.Favorite Radio Channels: When the unit receives a favorite channel, you can press one of the buttons in 1-6key for 2 seconds to save it in this button. Press 1-6 to play the preset channel.

.Automatic Control Frequency: Yes, drag the points manually to control the frequency


.Panel Size: 6-inch

.Color: Black


.Car Model: Universal

.Operation Voltage: 10.8-15.8V

.Operation Current: MAX 10 A

.Machine Weight: 1895.0g

.Gross Weight: 2677.0g

.Machine Size: 180.0×168.0×105.0mm

.Package Size: 280.0×258.0×157.0mm

.Packing: Carton

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