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April 30th, 2013  Posted at   funduino

Funduino Microcontroller Development Type-C Experiment Kit – Blue


.Brand new Microcontroller Development Type-C Experiment Kit for Funduino

.It adopts Funduino MEGA 2560 R3 board. This board has greater capacity, better extensibility and more stable circuit than Funduino previous series.

.Very good at perceiving the environment through wide variety of sensors including temperature sensor, flame sensor, Infrared receiving sensor, Light dependent resistors sensor etc

.This experiment kit is simple and flexible for user’s learning and for SCM development.


.Model: Type-C

.LED flashing experiment

.PWM control light levels experiment

. Advertising light water experiment;

.Button control LED experiment

.Traffic light design experiment

.Responder experiment

.Buzzer experiment

. Analog values reading experiment

.Light control sound experiment

.Color: Blue

.Packing: Plastic case

.Package Dimensions: 236.0 x 164.0 x 60.0mm

.Weight: 713.0g

Package Include:

1 x Funduino MEGA 2560 R3 board

1 x V3 Development expansion board

1 x Breadboard

15 x LED emitter kit (red / blue / yellow; each 5pcs)

5 x 10K resistors

5 x 1K resistors

8 x 220R resistors

1 x 74hc595

2 x Buzzers

1 x Seven-segment display (1digit)

1 x Seven-segment display (4digit)

10 x Push button switches

3 x Light dependent resistors

1 x Adjustable resistor

1 x LM35 temperature sensor

1 x 1602 LCD display

1 x PS2 joystick

1 x Stepping motor

1 x Stepping motor driver board

1 x Steering engine

1 x RGB module

30 x Breadboard cables

10 x DuPont lines

1 x 2.54mm pin header

2 x Mercury switches

1 x Flame sensor

1 x Infrared receiver

1 x USB cable (40cm)

1 x Remote control (1 x CR2025 included)

1 x 6*AA Battery case