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May 4th, 2013  Posted at   google glasses


Sure, using Google Glass to record a video is a pretty neat trick, but how about uploading it to YouTube without a computer? Thanks to Fullscreen’s BEAM video sharing app for Glass, you can do just that. After setting up an account with the company’s website, Glass owners can use their high-tech eyewear to send clips to YouTube along with a tweet linking directly to the video. If you’ve managed to get hold of Google’s modern-day monocle and would like give BEAM a try, you can register at the source link below. As for the rest of us, at least we can watch the demo video after the break.



April 18th, 2013  Posted at   google glasses, Uncategorized

The Google Glasses details of exposure, take a look at the Google Glasses five characteristics.

1.Google glasses contains a lot of high-tech, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speakers, camera, microphone, touch pad and the help you detect inclination of gyroscope. And most important, and a screen similar to the size of your finger, can help show you the information you need.

2.The Google glasses equipped with sound control input device, you can easily start google glasses through a microphone, as long as you can say “ok, glass, of course, you can also be made payable to trigger.

And you can start the video or photographic password, the most important thing is that you can also use the side of the touch pad to select a menu.

3.Google glasses Users can move in the real world, you can use voice commands to use the photo apps photography, rather than like a traditional camera to get a picture, the liberation of the hands!

Camera can also help you in real time, without interfering with the exciting moment for you to enjoy the game!

4.Using Google glasses you can connect to the Internet, shooting video or photography, you can go out to attend the meeting and still handle the work without the need to stay next to the table.

The powerful audio input allows you to quickly handle text messages, add videos and pictures, and through mobile connection to send, without having to take out your cell phone!

5.Have a Google glasses you certainly will not get lost again, with navigation features, makes you feel as if to the future, I believe that friends like to watch sci-fi movies is no stranger to navigate for Real-Time. Not just driving, and can even help you walk navigation! Believe hikers friends will like!

 Google glasses configuration:

• With 16GB of memory (12GB of available memory), can be synchronized with the Google Cloud Storage.

• With a 5-megapixel camera, support to shoot 720P video.

• The screen resolution is 640 * 360, the effect is equivalent to 8 feet (about 2.5 meters) outside the 25-inch screen.

• The use of bone conduction technology, only the wearer can hear the the Google Glassess outgoing sound.

• Micro USB interface, support 802.11b / g (slower) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection.

• Supporting the use MyGlass applications with Android 4.0.3 and above operating system. The battery life is about one day.

According to the news that this Google glasses (Google Glass) will be available in charcoal black, orange, gray, cotton white and sky blue five colors.