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October 19th, 2012  Posted at   Halloween

The Origin of Halloween

HALLOWEEN is November 1st of each year, from the ancient Celtic New Year festival, this time also worship the spirits of the time, while avoiding the evil spirits interference, to food to worship ancestral spirits and good spiritual winter weather to pray , is a traditional festival in the West. The night the children will wear a HALLOWEEN costumes, put on a mask, door-to-door collecting candy. Popular in the English-speaking world, such as the British Isles and North America, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Now, the younger generation of some Asian countries, but also began to tend to the foreign section to Halloween, some of the large-scale foreign supermarkets will be put on the counter selling Halloween toys, small traders will sell some Halloween-related dolls or model to attract the eyes of the young man.


The beliefs of the ancient Celts, the new year started on November 1, also known as Samhain. As a relatively short day symbolizes the start of the new year, Sunset also symbolizes the beginning of a new day; annual harvest festival began on the evening of October 31. Druids of the British Isles will ignite crops as a sacrifice, and when they dance around the fire, the sun season will be over; the Samhain Halloween ghost dog section begins. The Celts believed Samhain of the angel of death in the evening of October 31 and the ghost to return to earth, looking for a substitute. So they lit the torch incineration of animals as a tribute to the god of death. Will be dressed in costumes made of animal’s head or fur, made funny noises, the god of death could not recognize himself to avoid the disaster. This is today the Halloween masquerade origin. Night, the ghosts back to the underworld, all replies calm.

In the morning of November 1, the Druid fire heap still burning embers and give each one is used to ignite a new kitchen flame. The flame is used to make at home to keep warm, and drive away evil spirits. The year in connection yin and yang of the world invisible door open, and two of the world may have to communicate with each other the moment.

The bonfire is an important program of the festival. Villagers slaughter cattle bone thrown into the fire; rumored “bonfire” comes from “bone fire”. Bonfire lit, the villagers extinguished all of the rest of the lights. Each family then solemnly with a fire lit their own fireplace, flag as close unity of the whole village. So far in Ireland, there are still hundreds at a bonfire in the night of the Halloween ignite. New the pagans still in Halloween held midnight Samhain the ghosts ceremony, as well as other traditional festival activities.

Kele Te originally nomads. Are yin section, on the one hand, they are ready to the onset of winter and welcoming the New Year holiday; the other hand, the religious festivals. Samhain is one of the gods of their faith, the priest called Druid. He took the official historical records, but most researchers believe that they believe that in the case of the female section, people can see the things of the spirit world, including the return of the dead soul and the spirit world of demons. Individuals of the spirit world are all evil, in the case of Yin Day to harm anyone, so Kele Te necessary to curry favor with Treat these ghosts, lest they rick. For example, if someone placed the food in front of her house, Ghosts go enjoy this is? TrickorTreat the? Origin of. At the same time, that evening, the China Merchants Plaza priests also held a religious ceremony. Almost all studies have pointed out, the ceremony also slaughtered livestock to sacrifice. As for there to kill sacrifice, although different views but no negation. In addition, there is definitely divination sorcerers like things.

Halloween custom also the origin of witchcraft and superstition, such as digging face large pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern. Is said to be called Jack, because the behavior is extreme, death, heaven or hell is not acceptable, had to wander wandering to find a radish Radish, the hollowing out of the middle, put some red-hot coals, and good to find a way in the dark. Halloween clothing originated in rituals are yin Festival, participants slaughter an animal and put on the skin of livestock. There are all kinds of masks, the participants put on originally to escape the evil spirits also spread down.