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December 15th, 2012  Posted at   headphone

There are actually top headphone brands that you need to check because it looks cute and trendy. What most high school kids are wearing these days are colorful and snug fit earphones anywhere they go. The marketability of these headphone brands are great because it has become popular not only to teens but for people who love to experiment on another headphones.

Top Headphone brands don’t have to be expensive; it doesn’t have to be from well-known brand. What is important here is the quality and affordability, and this makes it a top brand. When search the market today, there are a lot of searches made for affordable headphone across the globe. And this could be a good indicator that people are looking alternative that is easy on their pocket.

Here some of the most bought headphones – sold out items
•SM-1368 Full Frequency Sound isolating Design Stereo Earphone at $7.99 on retail and  $7.54 on wholesale
•Compact Stereo ONTO Seamless Headphone Pink at $3.99 on retail and $3.47 on wholesale
•8820 MP Powerful Bass In-Ear Stereo Earphone at $4.49 on retail and $4.00 on wholesale
•6601 MP super Bass stereo Earclip Earphone at $4.29 on retail and $3.81 on wholesale

The list can go on, but what is important common among the sold out items is that their price is very low. If you are into online selling or offline traders, selling headphones can be a potential source of earnings.

What End Users Can Enjoy
Most of the headphone users are still in school. There is a great target market under this segment. School-aged children can’t seem to go to school without listening to music. And this needs a dependable earpiece. Good sound quality is what these kids are looking for as well as trendy.

Quality wise, you can be assured by it. These headphones wholesale are designed with the appropriate acoustics to present high-quality sound. And when you speak of price, there is no other product that sells this cheap. The reason why it is sold so low it is because it carries no specific brand.This can be another business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on non-branded items. You can have your brand in it and sell the product.

Price Wise
Most top headphone brands are tagged very cheaply. For the average price, it ranges from $2+ to $28+ on retail and lower price on wholesale. Since there are relatively a lot of brands to choose from, it may be hard to pick the best product to sell in your store. What you can do is to study the buying habits of your target market and get the feel on how they pick their merchandize.

Where To Buy
LighTake offers the top headphone brands. Their products are from China, and they are known to be one of the leading sellers and promoter of this merchandize. Furthermore, LighTake is into dropshipping and wholesale, which caters to offline and online sellers from all over the world. This company offers free shipping, and it doesn’t require you to pay the monthly fee if you want to sign up and become a member.