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March 23rd, 2013  Posted at   iphone accessories

The need to gear up during this time is important. The demand for work, home chores and other errands can eat up one’s time pretty fast. But iPhone owners don’t have to worry about charging their phones, because the portable battery is here. This is essential for people who are too busy to charge their phones, or if they can’t wait until the phone is fully charged.


With the popularity of the iPhone, suppliers and manufacturers are also making affordable and important necessities to provide the convenience to iPhone owners. The first of which is the portable battery, casing, docks and more. The batteries are important because owners can bring it anywhere they want to go, and it can be easily charged using portable charges as well. With regard to the dimension of the portable battery, buyers don’t have to worry about the weight and dimension because it is lighter and handy.


Portable Battery To Choose From

  • 1900mAh External Battery Power Pack Backup Battery for iPhone 4-Blue, Pink, Purple, Green Price: $8.78 on retail and $8.32 on wholesale
  • 1900mAh External Battery Charger for iPhone 3G/3GS/4- White Price: $4.79 on retail and $4.29 wholesale
  • Dual USB 14000mAh Power Bank Charger for iPhone/iPad- White Price: $43.30 on retail and $40.67 on wholesale
  • 10000mAh External Power Bank Battery Charger for iPhone/iPad Price: $32.20 on retail and $29.58 on wholesale
  • Dual USB 8800mAh Portable Power Bank Charger for iPhone/iPad Price: $30.60 on retail and $27.97 on wholesale
  • Dual USB 14000mAh Power Bank Charger for iPhone/iPad – Black Price: $43.30 on retail and $40.67 on wholesale
  • Dual USB 6600mAh Portable Power Bank Charger for iPhone/Ipad Price: $25.11 on retail and $22.85 on wholesale
  • 2000mAh Rechargeable External Battery Power Pack for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S- Black Price: $12.35 on retail and $11.89 on wholesale
  • 6800mAh External Battery Power Bank Charger for iPhone/iPad/Samsung Price: $26.99 on retail and $24.25 on wholesale


The need to have an extra battery most especially for an iPhone is important because as it is, the battery phone gets drained easily. This is because of the aps, which is very entertaining. The more users tinker at their iPhone the battery gets depleted quickly. But with a portable battery around, owners don’t have to worry much for they can carry on with what they are doing.


Benefits of Buying the Portable Battery

Affordable- the cost of the portable battery is less expensive because these batteries are not branded. The price range is wide; owners can choose to buy less than $10 or above $30 or anything in between.

Convenience – with the portable battery on hand, owners of the iPhone can do whatever they want with their phones and not having to worry about low battery alarm. The portable battery solves the immediate need when the alarm says it is low already.


Where To Buy

LighTake is offering the low priced portable battery. Their products are from China. It does not carry specific and popular brand band names, but the batteries can seamlessly perform what it ought to provide. The company offers a free tracking number for purchases of over $15 and free shipping in and outside China.

November 16th, 2012  Posted at   iphone accessories

Now there are various alternatives of iPhone cases that you could decide on from. It truly is top that when you do choose an iPhone case that it is proper to suit your needs. Most iPhone circumstances will final for the life of one’s telephone if you happen to take good care of it. You can get numerous distinct kinds of situations that you could pick from now. You’ll not have a tough time discovering a case which will last you to get a exceptionally long time.

When you are picking out an iPhone case there are several factors. Most iPhone cases are not cheap and some can be very expensive. You need to determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend on an iPhone case. You also need to consider how much abuse your iPhone is going to take. Determining how much abuse and use that your iPhone case will take will lead you to a better decision in the buying process.

Next you need to consider your lifestyle and the level of abuse that your iPhone will take. There are basically four types of cases that you can buy. You can choose between a rubber, metal, leather or plastic type of case. If you are looking for an affordable case and your iPhone is never in much danger and does not fall out of your pocket much then a plastic case could fit your needs. If you have a larger budget and can afford a leather case and are after looks and style then a leather case could fit your needs best. If you are a construction worker and your iPhone is more danger than say the typical person then you might consider getting a metal case.

You must remember that the utility and the measuer of an iphone 4 case can’t be ascertained from the price of the case itself.Just because one case is more expensive than anothe doesn’t  necssarily mean that it if better or offers more protection,unless it is a high-end iphone 4 case that costs a mini fortune.

There are a number of websites and dtechnology forums that also have many cheap phone cases reviews on them,so you can consult them as well.There are some long standing favorite iphone 4 cases that most  iphone 4 owners prefer,and you can find out about them.You must also take into consideration what your habits and living conditions are like.If you spend time outdoors then you will need an iphone 4 case that caters to such conditions,and you may even want to consider getting yourself a waterproof iphone case.

When picking an iPhone case the most important factor is that you really like it. If you do not really like it then what is the point of having it? You will not have a problem find an iPhone case that you like. There plenty of choices and styles to choose from.

Of course,when you select the appropriate shell,in order to allow your phone to give you more experience,you may also need to select other iphone accessories.For example,the iphone 4 bumpers,apple earphones with remote and Mic,iphone 4 dock connector,bluetooth headset and car charger for iphone.If your iphone with these accesorries,it will become more powerful!