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March 21st, 2013  Posted at   iphone car accessories

Iphone owners have all the reason to be happy these days. There are not iPhone car accessories that are widely available online. The mobile phone is undoubtedly one of the leading brands in the market today, and owners know exactly how much one-unit cost does and how much they are shelling out for the accessories. Yes, accessories are bought separately and this can be costly for those who don’t know where to search and scout for practical alternatives.

Accessories for the iPhone are important. For one, it offers comfort and convenience to the owners plus for the mobile to maximize its functions, add-ons are needed to fully enjoy the exquisite phone. But again, buyers don’t have to worry about the price, because there are more manufacturers making iPhone accessories with a very tempting price that is hard to resist.

Iphone Car Accessories to Choose From
•IPEGA Multi-functional Winding Car Charger for iPhone 5, iPad Mini- White, White with Blue, White with Black, White with Pink Price: $14.80 on retail and $14.29 on wholesale
•7-in-1 Travel Kit Accessories for iPhone iPad, iPod – White Price: $9.65 on retail and $9.16 on wholesale
•Compact 2-in 1 Charger & 1M USB Cable for Iphone Rose, Green, Pink, Blue Price: $2.32 on retail and $1.78 on wholesale
•4-in-1 Travel Kit charger accessories for iPhone iPad, iPod-Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Black Price: $5.37 on retail and $4.85 on wholesale. For color white the price is $5.19 on retail and $4.69 on wholesale
•IPEGA Car Adapter with Double  USB Port for iPad/iPhone/iPod- White Price: $8.68 on retail and $8.22 on wholesale
•3-in-1 Car Charger Power Adapter USB Cable for iPhone – Blue, Pink, Red, Rose, Black, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange (US Plug) Price: $3.89 on retail and $3.39 on wholesale
•USB Car Charger Adapter for iPhone/iPod/Cellphone Price: $3.81 on retail and $3.25 on wholesale
•Mini Dual USB Car Charger Adapter for iPhone4/4S/iPad Price: $2.39 on retail and $1.97 on wholesale

There are more iPhone car accessories that the buyers can imagine. Availability wise is out of question, with so many manufacturers around; buyers can buy many as they want without having to worry about its stock availability. In terms of prices, the car accessories for an iPhone are made very easy on the pocket. The price range is from less than $5 to more than $10.

Benefits of Buying the Iphone Car Accessories
Budget Friendly – iPhone owners don’t have to shell out more for the needed accessories now that the low-priced options are freely available. But buyers can still opt for the expensive ones; however, when it comes to the overall functionality, the non-branded items can just as well, functions same as the branded ones, at a much lower price.
A Good Business Venture – for online entrepreneurs this can be a good opportunity because the demands for the iphone car accessories are high. Reselling it within friends or customers can be a good idea since the price is very low. Bulk buying can further reduce the price; hence buyers can play well in the market.

Where To Buy
LighTake is offering a low-price alternative for iPhone car accessories. Their products are directly from the manufacturer that is why it is tagged very affordably. The company is a dropshipping/wholesaler and it offers free shipment in and outside China and free tracking number for purchases of over $15.