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September 12th, 2012  Posted at   jiayu g3 cell phone

The Jiayu G3 is the successor of the MT6575 Jiayu G2 Android phone that became popular to many users since it was out in the market due to its great specs, good performance and beautiful looking design. Now, Jiayu brings us the G3 and it offers more with its MT6577 dual-core chipset.

It has a thin body with metallic finish for highlights that gives it an elegant look and feel. Simply put, it doesnt look a cheap clone or whatsoever. It looks very much premium and very solid. The Jiayu G3 is available in pure black color, and as well as black-silver color schemes.

Jiayu g3 hot spot due to the hardware configuration: configure it the most advanced android 4.0 system is MTK6577 1G dual-core processor, RAM1G + ROM4G memory, equipped with 4.5-inch HD IPS display with a resolution of1280*720, 200000 physical pixels front camera, rear camera 800 million physical pixels.

Jiayu G3 Features:
GPS: Built in GPS
Wireless Transmission: WiFi/ Bluetooth 2.0
Bluetooth: Yes
Photo Format: JEPG
Camera: Dual Cameras, Front:2.0 MP,
Rear:8.0 MP, with flashlights

JiaYu-G3 General
Media Player: MP3 & MP4 player
(support MP4/3GP format)
Sound Recorder
FM Radio
Earphone Interface: 3.5 mm standard audio output jack
Tools: Calendar,Calculator,Alarm,World Clock

Product Size: 135*65*10.8mm
Weight(w/box): 500.0g
Battery: Lithium Batteries:2750mAh
Standard Accessories: 1*Batteries,1*Charger adapter(US plug, if you need other contry’s standard plug, please tell us.)
1*USB cable,1*Enlish manual

Therefor, Jiayu g3 since September 5 began selling by a lot of people’s attention, as the domestic mobile phone, its influence is not worse than the millet phone. This is mainly because of its high costperformance, and better than similar phone hardware processing functions conquered many mobile phone enthusiasts. There are more important point is that the price is very cheap, it is no more than $ 200 in some shopping website sells, hardware configuration, and this price is hard not to heart.

The jiayu g3 appearance— the black and silver of the online pre-more, the two colors are all flat with the color of the mobile phone, of course, it can be replaced by other color cell phone case. This is considered very thoughtful.

It is sad, this phone in many large sites also are in short supply, even jiayu g3 official website just pre-sale. Really get the phone user used the user at a later stage should also give more evaluation is not really good eventually have to ask customers.After all, almost everyone on the phone must be aware that in the end good or to rely on the user experience.

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