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January 15th, 2013  Posted at   magic cube

The rubik’s cube has been around for years now, and this toy is a delight to everyone who wants challenging games. The design of this hand-held toy has revolutionized, and it has changed to give the buyers more challenges ahead. In the past, the design of the rubik’s cube is only confined to six sides, each with different colors. But today, buyers can choose from among the many designs and simply enjoy the game.

Buyers now can choose from among the many options provided by online shops. LighTake is one of the active online stores that wholesale the rubik’s cube. Here are some of the newest designs to check;

•    DaYan Megamix 1 12-axis 3-rank Dodechedron Magic Cube – Multicolor Price: $21.99 on retail and $19.16 on wholesale
•    DaYan Megaminx 1 12-axis 3-rank Dodecahedron Magic Cube with corner Ridges- Black. It is now on sale at $5off and the price on retail is only $20.99
•    DaYan Megaminx 12-axis 3-rank Dodecahedron Magic Cube – Black Price: $21.99 on retail and $19.03 on wholesale
•    CubeTwist Conjoined Siamese Pyraminx Magic cube – Black  Price: $13.98 on retail and $13.51 on wholesale
•    Super Intelligence Test SMAZ  Time Machine Hand-made Magic Cube- Black Price: Retail : $75 and $72.14 on retail
•    Lanlan Gear Mastermorphix Mini Magic Cube Price: $15.52 on retail and $13.23 on wholesale
•    4x4x4 DaYan Gem cube IV Magic Cube White Price: $41.89 on retail and $38.74 on wholesale

Benefits of Owing Rubik’s cube
Affordable – with the wide variety of choices, buyers can easily buy their own rubik’s cube that is most fitting to their budget. The prices actually depend on the design and the more challenging it is, the higher the price, but the retail and wholesale price are set in such a way that buyers can easily afford.

High Marketability – on the seller’s point of view, selling 2×2 rubix cube is easy. For one the price, is cheap, the colors and designs are made very attractive and appealing to the users and challenges have leveled-up, which makes it very tricky.

Drives Boredom Away- since the time that the rubik’s cube was launched, common users have become enthusiastic about this hand-held game. It is mind boggling and it does not cost you any other expenses, like electricity or battery. Users can bring this toy anywhere they may go. It does not require any battery to run or a big space in the compartment of bag. It is made so handy that most people would like to have one.

Where To Buy
LighTake is one of the dropshipping/wholesaler companies that sells rubik’s cube in a global scale. Their office is based in China which most of their products come from. The company has lots of manufacturers and suppliers behind them, thus their stock is very seldom depleted. And in instances where the stock is not available, the company can easy outsourced from other sources. What is more advantageous in partnering with this company is that, their mailing and delivery system is already established. Buyers are guaranteed to receive their goods on the specific time.