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Are you finding a gift for your son, daughter or friends? This iPhone RC Helicopter may be a good choice. Because everyone has a dream of flying in the sky!

Feautures of this Micro RC Helicopter:

1. Forward and backward, up and down, excellent hover performance over 360 degrees.
2. Fine-tuning knob, dual protection, light control, indoor flying, 3Dflying in all directions with a built-in gyroscope
3. 3 channels infrared remote control aircraft high-speed stability of coaxial wings design it is easy to control
4. ABS high elastic decaying resistance material non-toxic and pollution-free materials

Mini Rc Helicopter

Mini Rc Helicopter

iPhone RC Helicopter

iPhone RC Helicopter


.Material: ABS plastic + Aluminum alloy frame
.Channel: 3.5
.Charging Time: 25min
.Working Time: 6min
.Control Range: 15 meters
.Remote Control Type: iPhone/ iTouch/ iPod
.Battery: 3.7V 80mAh lithium battery

Besides, there are kinds of RC Helicopters you can choose:

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WLtoys V388 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro and Super Carrier Ability – Yellow


.Brand new WLtoys V388 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

.Built-in Gyro for amazing stability

.3.5 Channel omnibearing control system

.Full functions: up, down, forward, backward, turn left and right, hover, trimming, light control, speed up, hook up hook down

.Controllable hook can be adjusted rise and fall, can transport light goods

.Advanced Lipo battery provide long and powerful flight

.Ultra stable twin rotors design for both indoor and outdoor flight

.Adopts solid alloy metal material and exquisite workmanship

.Fully assembled, ready to fly

.Light weight composite design for durability and high performance flight

.Color: Yellow

.Model: V388

.Material: Alloy + ABS Plastic

.Channel: 3.5

.Remote Distance: About 15meters

.Flying Height: 10m

.Helicopter Battery: 240mah lithium battery

.Control Battery: 6 * 1.5V AA battery (not included)

.Flight Time: 8 minutes for 5 grams things, hang heavy too much can reduce flight time

.Charging Time: 30 minutes

.Package Dimensions: 340*90*290mm

.Weight: 550g

Package Included:

.1 x V388 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

.1 x Remote Control

.1 x User Manual

.1 x Tail Blade

.2 x Main Blade

.1 x USB Cable

.1 x Hook Basket

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How a lot of of us have developed havoc in our living rooms as little ones, playing and operating around with paper planes, cardboard planes, toy planes, prototype models and also imaginary futuristic spaceships? Aha, the smile on your face is known as a really good sufficient answer to that query. Flying an airplane, becoming a pilot, soaring up higher within the sky, feeling the clouds kiss your face as you zoom across the horizon… childhood dreams truly do have a eye-catching innocence about them. Sadly, as time passes, and a single goes concerning the rigors of life, most of them remain just that – dreams

1: This is often the very first stage in grasping to produce an RC airplane and all you will need to do is draw the define from the plane’s body. Draw a 12” prolonged plane system within the chipboard.

2: Following action could be to draw a triangle to help make the wings within the airplane. Draw about 10½” long form in the cardboard.

3: By using scissors slice out both the designs in the wings and body with the plane and hold them apart.

4: Now, destination a straight-edged ruler at a few ¾” absent on the bottom and with the physique of the RC aircraft. Now pull a straight line measuring 10¼” longer across the cardboard. The moment the layout is prepared, established the aircraft’s physique onto an alternate bit of chipboard. Utilize a craft blade and straight-edged ruler and minimize in the line to the cardboard.

5: Next place the wing aspect over the chipboard and slash a very small notch at the back of the wing. The measurement for a similar must be ¾” away from the edge. Also, slash another notch away within the centre line. Permit it evaluate ½”. Convert the cardboard and rating the lengths of equally the ailerons with the wing. Notches aid generate ailerons of your plane, which controls the whole maneuvering of your plane. This treatment should be recurring for your other aspect in the wing likewise.

6: Now pull a line on the middle of the wing piece, site your ruler along the line and using a craft blade rating alongside the line. Make certain you do not slash with the cardboard.

7: Hope all of the basic steps talked over earlier mentioned are apparent as much as this stage. Upcoming, bend the wing element with the centre and prepare the wings at an alignment of 25-degree angle. Once you finish accomplishing that, notch 1/8” in the two the front and back wing’s center.

8: Extremely neatly and swiftly, slip on the wing piece on the major slit from the aircraft’s physique section. Even as inserting come up with a notice the notches present on the back and then the suggestion cling the wings as an alternative. The moment that you’re performed, gently bend the ailerons to your forty five degree angle.

9: Now arrives the gluing time! The human body and then the wings for the airplane has to be taped within the base segment. Together the wing on the point of intersection when using the human body section, implement some glue to stick the parts.

10: This happens being the final move of your respective RC plane. Herein, you will have to just attach one or two paper clips into the nose on the aircraft and examine for its traveling standing. If it flies nicely, you possess done a superb occupation then!

Next, go try it.You may be making a very nice rc aircraft, if you have a better idea, you can also above to make some adjustments to make it more in line with your ideal aircraft. Folks, if you are a lover, I expect you to have a better idea.

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Under the shadow of economic crisis, people’s spiritual pressure is growing. Our daily work and life and forth, really need some gadgets to ease the pressure. So, remote-controlled helicopter is a good idea, when you look at the plane into the sky, you will find that it really allows you to relax. However, it should be how to fly it?

First Step:
Following using the RC helicopter from the box,look over the instruction manual and ensure that it’s intact. When ordering a rc helicopter, it is best to locate one that has at a minimum four channels with adequate backup or technical aid to get in touch with on in the event you want to do so. Several of the right remote manage helicopters are created by organisations in Britain.

Discovering guidelines on how to   fly RC helicopters just isn’t exceedingly complicated,but there are some important facts to maintain in mind:
The remote management helicopters are managed by radio waves; considering the elevate driven by the way the helicopter blades turn versus the air in addition to the direction is managed through the pitch or route with the tail rotor. Just one effective strategy is to have a skilled flyer guidance if you are starting to fly rc helicopters for the reason that she or he can provide you with advice concerning the recommended route to grasp the very small methods that cause you to an improved flyer and ready to take care of flying the RC helicopter in the a lot quicker period of time.

Second Step:
The value of ensuring the connections on your own RC helicopter all are effectively wired and tightened can’t be stressed a lot, while not the proper tension, the helicopter would not fly appropriately and or can crash, bringing a halt with your hobby for a while. It is best to look for fix instructions and spare elements when they are not integrated together with your kit. It’s best to comply with a checklist when you could be finding out simple tips to fly your RC helicopter; That is where by undertaking the whole lot the exact same for set up and opening will keep you and your helicopter safe and sound.

Third Step:
To manage the RC helicopter, it’s good to give you the option to operate the collective and rudder with the exact time; each of them act together to make your helicopter move up, down, sideways, forwards and backwards. Should you have anyone aiding you, you can easily utilize the buddy technique which lets the instructor to elucidate and show tips on how to fly the RC helicopter. To produce the RC helicopter, the controller over the still left often is the throttle, it controls how higher or extremely fast the helicopter is going, the correct controller is employed to control course.

It happens to be more beneficial to exercise executing minor maneuvers initially, previous to venturing into a lot of complicated regions. A lot of us who are within the practice of mastering tips to fly RC helicopters invest in the simulator to help them discover proven methods to maneuver, a crash in the simulator is much less expensive then crashing your rc helicopter outdoors, then being forced to purchase pricy pieces to repair the helicopter.

Traveling RC  helicopters is a wonderful approach to dedicate time outdoor and generating the helicopter hover and dive or do acrobatics. Retain practising and see others who delight in traveling rc helicopters and observing online video or DVD’s to enhance your talents plus your will have a lifelong interest to entertain.

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RC helicopter means (can remotely control the flight helicopter). Can be divided into toys, model aircraft, civilian and military categories. The most common model aircraft remote control helicopter model, remote control Helicopter moving two types of electric and oil, with the largest real helicopter is an aileron, for better control of the direction of the rotor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric and Nitro helicopters?

The advantages of the Nitro model helicopter is flying a long time, momentum is also good.
Electric helicopter has more power, lighter weight, but the short flight time. Larger levels of electric model helicopter is very expensive.

Why the helicopter so difficult to fly, did not think so good to fly?

mainly due to 2 causes:

1. Since the stability of the helicopter can not be compared with the fixed-wing aircraft. In addition to the coaxial sculls structure of the helicopter, there is no any one of the helicopters can be done a long time does not control the state of stability of floating in the air (usually within 10-20 seconds will lose balance and fall to the ground), so must at all times maintain the spirit of a high concentration of control!

2. As a beginner at the beginning has not been formed in the brain to control the direction of a conditioned reflex, so often in the aircraft in the instruction of some kind of flight attitude, by the transmitter to give the aircraft the wrong action, and even the brain is a blank aircraft do not give and manipulators enough time to correction, caused by plunging to the ground! As long as the correct practice after easily manipulated! At an early stage can make use of a computer simulator to complete the exercises.

Why offset the helicopter to the left on takeoff or elsewhere?

This is a very common situation. The general model helicopter is often the single rotor, single tail rotor layout. This is destined to the conventional model helicopter is a certain degree of asymmetry. Overcome the gyroscopic moment of the main rotor in the tail rotor also make the model the effect of lateral drift. In order to overcome this effect, in the normal model helicopter hover, the main rotor of the model is not in the horizontal plane parallel. This situation has no effect on the normal flight of the model, only in the take-off feeling, you can slightly increase the side of the landing gear to eliminate the impact of the take-off.

Why there is no power switch on the electric helicopter?

The rc electric helicopter  generally do not set the power switch because the switch on-resistance (which is several times of the ordinary wire will produce heat and a huge voltage drop and power loss) for the model in terms of the large current discharge! The reliability of the power switch in the high-current work is also a problem (most likely burned) So, on the abolition of the power switch. Then some electric model has a power switch? This is because the switch is not directly connected in series between power supply and equipment, but an additional feature provided by the electronic speed governor. The switch function is only to ensure power supply to the equipment when it is closed, but the governor or with the power supply directly connected to the, and has been at work and do not lose power, eventually need to remove the power supply.