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Do you might have an expertise of RC helicopter? A large number of people that have made use of the best RC helicopter along with other related helicopters have usually been exceptionally impressed with the outcome and consequently it is actually known that, some of these people today have passed various testimonies that indeed will be beneficial to some individuals in one way or the other. Some testimonies generally generally depict the accurate meaning of a thing whiles many of the testimonies could possibly also be false. Properly it all is determined by the individual involved reading or listening to such testimonies and as such when these testimonies are effectively considered, they are able to aid in plenty of creating the ideal selection.

Some testimonies are quite often on the point that, RC helicopters are less expensive and this naturally implies any interested person can also make obtain. Well despite the fact that this can be largely the testimony of a number of people, it may not be completely accurate to some people also. But then when it happens that, the testimonies on that aspect are over weighing the unfavorable element, then it is actually obvious that, what’s being said is accurate and consequently requires to be paid focus to. Any commodity which is less high priced definitely provides a great number of the opportunities to also possess one and this is specifically the main cause why it’s important to pay a great deal focus on such points all the time.

In addition, several of the testimonies are also on the point that, a number of the helicopters specially that of mini RC helicopter are highly durable. Actually durability is one such aspect that requires to be created recognized since with out it, it can be apparent majorities will surely shed interests in the diverse helicopters. Any 1 listening to such a testimony will definitely be convinced that, when such a helicopter is purchased, it’ll be used for a very lengthy time prior to thinking of another one particular. All these factors desires to be considered each of the time in order to make items work properly.

Nevertheless, some of the testimonies were also on the fact that, majorities of those helicopters do possess so a great deal beauty specially that of SYMA s107g helicopters. Any one who sets his or her eyes on this certain helicopter will unquestionably be convinced that, its look is unique and hence especially stunning. Paying focus on this area is normally among the most important items to perform and therefore essential to spend a lot attention on. All individuals who usually wish to purchase the very amazing helicopters should certainly be prepared to listen to some of these testimonies.

In addition, many of the testimonies also centered on the reality that, it truly is generally incredibly entertaining when using any in the helicopters at leisure instances specially that of your SYMA helicopters. This really is indeed one particular region that needs lots of attention and therefore wants to become talked about. The primary aim in the helicopters is always to entertain and so without having entertainment no one are going to be forcing to produce use such a point. Therefore individuals who certainly wish to be entertained at their leisure time should certainly often go in of such helicopters.

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Do you have an experience of RC helicopter? Many people who have used the best RC helicopter and other related helicopters have often been very impressed with the outcome and consequently it is known that, some of these people have passed several testimonies that indeed can be helpful to some people in one way or the other. Some testimonies in general often depict the true meaning of something whiles some of the testimonies may also be false. Well it all depends on the individual involved reading or listening to such testimonies and as such when these testimonies are well considered, they can aid in many making the right choice.

Some testimonies are usually on the point that, RC helicopters are less expensive and this of course implies any interested person can also make purchase. Well although this is mostly the testimony of some people, it may not be entirely true to some people as well. But then when it happens that, the testimonies on that aspect are over weighing the negative part, then it is obvious that, what is being said is true and consequently needs to be paid attention to. Any commodity that is less expensive certainly gives many the opportunities to also possess one and this is exactly the main reason why it is important to pay much attention on such things all the time.

Furthermore, some of the testimonies are also on the point that, some of the helicopters especially that of mini RC helicopter are very durable. In fact durability is one such aspect that needs to be made known because without it, it is obvious majorities will certainly lose interests in the various helicopters. Any one listening to such a testimony will obviously be convinced that, when such a helicopter is purchased, it will be used for a very long time before thinking of another one. All these things needs to be considered all the time in order to make things work effectively.

Nevertheless, some of the testimonies were also on the fact that, majorities of these helicopters do possess so much beauty especially that of SYMA s107g helicopters. Anyone who sets his or her eyes on this particular helicopter will definitely be convinced that, its appearance is unique and hence very beautiful. Paying attention on this area is often one of the most important things to do and thus necessary to pay much attention on. All those who usually wish to purchase the very beautiful helicopters should be ready to listen to some of these testimonies.

Moreover, some of the testimonies also centered on the fact that, it is often very entertaining when using any of the helicopters at leisure times especially that of the SYMA helicopters. This is indeed one area that requires a lot of attention and hence needs to be talked about. The main aim of the helicopters is to entertain and so without entertainment no one will be forcing to make use such a thing. Thus those who truly wish to be entertained at their leisure time should always go in of such helicopters.


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If you are going to purchasing a RC Helicopter, you get to choose from the broad range of alternatives like nitro, stick, power, gas, coaxial, jet generator and many more. The more the alternatives, the higher is the prospect of purchasing just another piece of rubbish which just doesn’t fit your hands. In the marketplace some of the best RC Helicopter is the electrical powered choppers. These planes work on power provided by the standard battery power connected. The best RC Helicopter can further be separated into two sub groups based on their specific ways of modifying the route of the art by Message Management of its knives. They may be separate in characteristics or combined pitch kind. For newbie’s, who are trying their hand on the mini RC Helicopter for the first time and need to get familiar with the fundamentals of traveling, should usually apply for separate kind.

The form of handheld remote control planes known as a small RC Helicopter is, as you would expect, a good bit lesser than a standard style chopper. But because there are so many kinds of electrical powered activity choppers now available, accurately what is really a “mini,” or distinguishes it from a “micro” RC copter, is often just a matter of viewpoint. For requirements of this article, we will determine a small RC chopper as any power style with knives less than 12 inches across which, I believe we can all recognize, is rather small for a chopper. Most mini RC Helicopter are sold hoping that newbie’s or children will be using them, so the learning contour for being able to manage them is actually quite short. More expensive designs may come with journey simulation software for your PC, so you can beat up your skills before taking your copter up on its first journey.

The Syma Helicopter is an awesome toy. This can present the joy of traveling to your kid. Of course, they should be more than 8 decades of age to actually appreciate traveling this toy. This is the best present that you could give someone, and this chopper can definitely depart your kid spellbound. The beauty of this toy chopper is its strong aluminum development. Since this is a toy which can actually fly, the possibilities of it taking on harm cannot be ignored; the companies have recognized this reality and have created the chopper able of enduring collision has an effect on. This creates it a perfect toy for newbie’s to expert the art of traveling a toy in a distant control way. Syma helicopters are an organization centered in Chinese suppliers where they have features for generation of these toy choppers as well as divisions for analysis and examining. They have been generating choppers in various designs and styles for over ten decades.

As you can see from the above, Syma Helicopters are truly an innovator in the area and there are more than enough designs to select from. Create sure you have the appropriate battery power and you will be able to fly your new chopper as soon as you start the program. The Syma S107G Helicopter is an improvised edition of the S107 and has included the gyroscope in its style. The gyroscope creates this edition of the toy more constant during journey, creating traveling it a satisfaction for the individual’s first handheld distant management journey.



I recently got to play around with the new S800G from Syma (courtesy of supplying one for test, you can get yours here) and as toys go, this is a serious one. A micro helicopter you fly around your house, (classroom, sports hall, board meeting…) on an infrared remote control, it’s a perfect intro into remote flying. Also, this isn’t your average micro heli, this is a four channel with a true swashplate control.

Appearance and Feel

With its snazzy red, silver and black colour scheme (with the occasional blue, white and gold highlights), small and very light weight form, the S800G is quite a cheery little thing. Having said that, the construction looks pretty solid, with a metal framework underneath, supports joined by plastic joints and a plastic outer shell.

My other helicopter, (a Robocopter GST T-series), has very much the same construction with a metal outer shell but is a lot bigger and heavier. Weighing the two up together, the Robocopter feels more solid, but if you stop to think, when it comes to flying machines like this, light is very much preferable. As it turns out, from my crash experience, the S800G is less breakable too.
The Incredible Flying Machine

Flight Controls

There are quite a few models out on the market just now (with Syma being one of the leaders) but most of them only have three flight controls. The throttle (up and down or collective pitch) the tail rotor (forwards and backwards –uni-linear cyclic pitch) and the axial rotation (spins left or right or yaw – similar to rudder movement on a plane).

Control is a function of spinning the helicopter the direction you want it to go and applying the forward or backward movement. The throttle controls the rotor speed which keeps the thing in the air. The spin is achieved by torque on counter rotating top and bottom blades, reduce the speed of one set of blades, the torque becomes uneven and the heli spins round.

Encounters with the Fourth Surface

The S800G directional controls work in a different way. Instead of having a tail rotor for forward movement, a clever contraption called a swashplate tilts the whole lower rotor set converting some of the upward force of the rotors into horizontal movement.

This allows for a fourth control surface – tilting the rotors sideways for a side slipping type of movement which very few other models of this type have – effectively bilinear cyclic similar to ailerons on a plane. You still have the spin control but the added dimension vastly increases the flying ability, especially in your living room.

For example, if you were flying parallel to a wall with a 3 channel heli, to move away from the wall, you would have to spin the body of the helicopter away from the wall and apply forward movement. With the S800G, you tilt the rotors sideways and it’s done with no adjustment to your forward flight.

While three channel flying is perfectly ok, the fourth sideways movement not only adds to the enjoyment of the heli, but also to keeping it from crashing into things – once you’ve practiced a bit that is.
This clever device is the swashplate that controls the horizonal directional movement of the heli.

Ease of Flying

This is where I have a few issues with the S800G. One is the throttle, which is… twitchy. Throttle control is quite difficult on this heli, having a slow, fast and faster settings and nothing in between makes it take off like a rocket if you’re not careful. The first two times you fly it, you’ll hit the ceiling.

Essentially there are not enough grades of movement all the way up on the throttle stick. Full power on the heli seems to be about half way up on the control stick so it’s very easy to push it too far too fast. This is followed by a period of panic in less experienced pilots who pull all the way back on the throttle, cutting the power and gravity does its thing.

The plus side of this is in aerial combat with friends and a fairly high ceiling height; you can drop under no power and still recover close to the ground thanks to whacking the power all the way up. Ultimately I would have preferred a lot more control on power. Instead, you have to move it in very precise half mm increments to about half way through the travel of the control stick to maintain level flight.

Open the Throttle! (with a pair of pliers to hold it down)

The second problem is linked to the ultra sensitive throttle. The control for sideways movement is on the same stick as the throttle. The first 10 times I flew it, I couldn’t actually use the fourth control surface without interfering with the throttle. Your side to side movement of this stick has to be at exactly that, without any up or down influence.

As you learn, you’ll find you adjust the throttle and movement as a single control but it is quite hard to master which will put a lot of people off. At that point you might as well have a three channel.

The stabilising gyro is now a common feature and frankly, don’t buy any model without one. It works very well but no differently to all the others.

Flight Ability

All the same, the whole response of the heli, forward, backward, turning and throttle is very quick in flight. It’s very stable once you learn not to make big throttle adjustments and it’s easy to pull up just short of that Ming vase of your mothers. Once mastered, the fourth control surface allows you to maintain smooth forward flight using the axial turn to move it around a room and the sideways movement to keep it off the walls. This is basic transition from 3 channel to 4 channel flying.Inside the belly of the beast, you can see the metal frame construction, the servos going to the swashplate and the two motors at the back.

Due to the limited rotor pitch forwards you won’t win any drag races, but it’s nippy enough. My other helicopters with a tail rotor can beat it in straight level flight because they can tilt the heli further forwards, but in a smaller room, the extra directional control of the S800G gives it a clear advantage. The servos also have some holes for adjustment that should give you a little more play to tilt the rotors further, increasing the angle of attack and the speed of the heli.

These helicopters do need trimming from time to time to keep them flying in roughly a straight line. The Syma S800G has one trim surface which governs the axial spin of the helicopter, fractionally adjusting the balance between the contra-rotating top and bottom blades to correct for spinning motion one way or the other.

It is lacking a trim for forwards and backwards or side to side movement, which would have to be applied to the default position on the swashplate. Essentially, if your heli is drifting rather than spinning (bent main shaft maybe) you’re stuck, you can’t ‘trim’ the problem out and that is a shame. By contrast, my Robocopter has a spin and forward/backwards trim (even if the quality is poor and the buttons don’t really work).

There have been many complaints about the size of the controller. I find it’s perfectly ok, about the same size as my PS3 controller actually. The sticks could be a little bigger certainly, but the controller size is just one of those ‘get used to it’ things.

All in all, I wasn’t unhappy with the controls, perhaps the servos could have a little more travel and a few more stops along the way but I’m not convinced the average flyer would notice that much difference. I would like a second trim but it seems to be flying ok for now. The twitchy throttle combined with poor placing of the side to side movement control is the biggest fall down.

The last line is kudos to the designers for a very clever swashplate control (seriously a gadget within a gadget), kudos for a fourth control surface at no extra size or cost but minus points for being able to use it!
Tiny 150mAh battery that sits in the nose

Flight time (battery)

Most of these things have a pretty lousy flight time with ‘good’ being a relative term. It takes my heli a few minutes short of an hour to charge fully and gives a good 8 minutes of flight time at fairly high power, maybe 9 if I fly slowly around the room. That’s decent from a 150mAh tiny thing.

By contrast, my other heli takes about the same charge time but only gives 6 or 7 minutes flight time. Obviously, the batteries will vary from heli to heli and over time but I would primarily put the difference down to one less motor (no tail rotor) and a whole lot less weight on the S800G. Overall, one of the better performances I have come across and no complaints here that shouldn’t be more properly addressed to the innovation skills of the battery industry.
Broken rear stabiliser – the only real damage from a being flown by the GF!


Despite its ultra light construction weighing in at ~43g, this is no slouch when it comes to durability. My first experience with the Robocopter was a poor one, within an hour, I’d broken a vital pin on the rotor assembly and no replacement was available.

By contrast, with the S800G, I’ve had quite a few accidental crashes, one or two very bad (deliberate) crashes and it’s undergone the girlfriend test (she flew it!). It’s still flying in a straight line with no worse damage than a snapped plastic stabiliser at the back (which I’m pretty sure doesn’t make too much difference). Heli’s like the Robocopter, while more solid, carry greater momentum due to their mass and crash with a lot more force.

When I first saw the swashplate design and two hinge pins on the rotor assemblies, I assumed the worst and though it’d be a goner in half an hour. Very happy to be proved wrong. Clearly the construction is good and the light weight design comes up in spades. Obviously these things are quite delicate but this is definitely one of the hardier breeds.
notches in the main blades from a few knocks here and there….

Cost, Spares and Repairs

The price point on these is actually quite reasonable for a new design with more features than previous models with £18.99+p&p ($33in p&p) being the cheapest I could find within theUK. Further abroad does one for $33 and free shipping with discounts on numbers. By contrast, the S107G (earlier 3 channel model) can be had for about £15 ($25) and the Robocopter at £21 ($34) on offer or £45 ($73) full price. Clearly, reasonable is the aim of the game here.

Although I haven’t had to order any yet so I couldn’t tell you how quick it is, spares seem readily available. There is even a page in the manual detail the spare parts and a part numbers as well as an exploded diagram of the helicopter detailing all the parts foe easy identification and ordering.

In contrast to this, the Robocopter was a spare parts nightmare. I first started trying to order parts in early November and didn’t actually receive them until March! There are parts aplenty on Amazon for the S107G so I’d imagine the S800G isn’t far behind.

Other points

A charging jack on the underside of the helicopter means that plugged into a computer, the helicopter doesn’t stand on its landing skids and has to be laid on its side. Only a minor annoyance and the charging jack is presumably located there to facilitate charging from the hand set. I have used a number of other helicopters like this as well as a few cars and I definitely think the jack wired into the controller is a plus. The simple reason is I am forever loosing the charging cable! This is still a possibility here but at least you have a back up.

A second minor annoyance is interference from my Hannspree TV. At first I though the crashes had damaged the helicopter when it kept cutting out in mid air. Then I noticed it only cut out at a certain height, above or below it was fine, but clearly there is some sort of IR emitter on the TV that completely knocks out all controls to the heli. The Robocopter doesn’t suffer from the same complete cut out so either the Robocopter controller has a stronger output or the signal for the Syma S800G is subtly different. Either way, watch out for it!

So, in conclusion, the pro’s and the con’s:


Swashplate can be fiddly to reassemble.
Very twitchy throttle
Poor placing of the side to side control
No cyclic trim


Swashplate control
Four control surfaces
Lightweight design
Solid durability
Good flight time.
Great price.

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Syma’s finally taken their first step into 4 channel helicopters with the Syma S800G and I have to say I’m impressed.

Pros- great small helicopter, responsive servos, strong metal body, extra canopy and rotors, swash plate, great for beginners, great low price, gyro stabilized, USB charger.
Cons-Mode 4 controlled instead of mode 2, bright forward facing light is annoying, infra red controlled.


The S800 G is a classic coaxial helicopter that uses 2 servos connected to a swash plate for control.
It uses a new simple elegant servo and it looks like they can even be adjusted to make the helicopter more agile.

The swash plate controls both forward reverse motion as well as left right motion,
Speeding up both rotors controls thrust up and down
And speeding up a single set of rotors makes it spin left or right.

It’s a very sturdy crash resistant helicopter and it’s great for beginners, it even comes with an extra set of rotors and a screw driver. Just remember if you ever need to change your rotors don’t loose the little washers that fit inside each rotor because it doesn’t come with an extra set.

It comes with a black and a white canopy and a black and a white set of rotors.
The canopy is easy to switch out and it’s made of thick durable plastic with a nice metallic shine to it.

The body is mostly made of a sturdy metal with a few pieces of plastic, the overall look is sleek and shiny and the swash plate and servos make it a great learning tool for new pilots.

It’s very crash resistant and a great first helicopter

It’s flight time is about 7 to 10 minutes and it’s charge time is about 50 minutes.

It can be charged from the transmitter but I recommend using the supplied USB charger.

It uses a standard 3.7 volt 150 Milliamp battery.

The helicopter has low voltage protection built in so when the battery starts to run low the helicopter lands itself to let you know it’s time to recharge.

It’s controlled by a tiny 4 channel infra red transmitter that doubles as a charger.

The controls are very responsive and the heli can be maneuvered with a lot of precision.

But when it comes to 4 channel transmitters not all are created equally.

The version I’m flying came with a mode 4 transmitter which I’m not a fan of.
Mode 4 refers to the control layout.
Mode 4 uses the left transmitter stick to control up down and left right motion and it uses the right transmitter stick to control forward reverse and spin

Usually when I fly 4 channel helicopters I like to use a mode 2 transmitter.
Mode 2 transmitters use the left stick for up down and spin and the right stick to control forward reverse and left right motion.

If you order one try to get a mode 2 transmitter if you can.

I think it’s a very well built helicopter at a low cost,
it is infra red controlled so your range is limited and its forward facing light is a little bright but it’s still a very well built inexpensive 4 channel helicopter that’s great for beginners and experienced pilots alike, if you have a chance you should have a flight.