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December 17th, 2012  Posted at   tools

Have you ever wished you could do free your working table with wires? Wire holder is the solution to that. If you haven’t heard it yet, this product is designed to keep all your wires in place leaving your table or wherever your computer maybe to be free from dangling wires. What this merchandise does is to keep each wire into its place.

The unruly wires attached to the computers, or even your home theater can be sore to the eye. Although you can temporarily tie them with a rubber band, but eventually it will break and the wires will be un-kept again. Thanks to the new invention such as the wire holder, consumers now can properly tidy their tables and entertainment areas where wires, of all kinds, are seen.

     Product Feature At A Glance
•Small and compact
•Brand New
•Attached with adhesive tape at the base area
•Comes in variety of colors for easy monitoring/labeling
•Pack comes in six colors
•Dimension: 28 x 15.8 mm
•Weight: 54 grams

Benefits of Owning a Pack of Wire Holder
Organized – when you check all your wires from your gadgets, iPhone, iPad,  usb        connector, and the rest of the wires, you might get overwhelmed. There are                   literally more than five wires or more in a daily basis that one uses. And when           you  use all of them, your table would certainly look like unruly. Wire holder              makes everything neat. You can use as many wire holders as you can, one for             each wire, so that your place will look arranged.

Cost Effective – while the use of recycle materials is also recommended to keep all     your wires; you may use a lot of busy time, designing how you will keep all your wires. The wire holder is every cheap, plus you consume too much time.

Easy To use – the wire holder is designed to have a sort of wire-slit that can hold different wire circumferences. Once you slot in the wire into its place, you can remove the adhesive tape at the bottom of the holder and have it glued to the side of your table or anywhere else. This makes the wire to its proper place.

The Price
In terms of price, the wire holder is sold relatively cheap.  It has a price of $2.99 on retail and $2.40 on wholesale. It comes in one pack, and it contains six pieces.
Where To Buy

You can place your order to LighTake one of the dropship direct  and wholesale who sell and promote this particular product. They are based in Hong Kong China, and these wire holders are products from China.  Online sellers and offline entrepreneurs can take advantage of the services offered by LighTake. As a drop shipper, their partners can promote, use their photos and make a sale. There is no need to worry about the professional packing and handling, LighTake handles that for you. And for offline traders, you can order as many as want, and enjoy the free shipping from all over the world.