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December 27th, 2012  Posted at   cell phone

The trend these days is heading towards the phone, and computer fused into one gadget. This is what the AMOI N818 Phone has to offer. This phone is engineered to have the latest infrastructure that will soon invade the world. Right now, people are into tablet-pcs and the latest versions of the leading cellular phones. But with this product, buyers can truly satisfy what they want; it is like having a cellphone with the power of a computer technology all in one hand-held gadget.

The AMOI N818 phone is new, in fact; similar product with a different model number is already sold out. Buyers are eager to have this phone because it offers another form of convenience. It is something new and trendy, and when the majority knows of the latest gadget, buyers can expect it would sell like hot-cakes in the market. What this phone has to offer is its seamless functionality and affordability.

Product Features and Specifications of the AMOI N818 Phone
•    Screen: 5-point QHD Capacitive Screen, 4.5 inches wide
•    Resolution: 960 x 540 pixels
•    CPU: MTK 6577 1Ghz
•    RAM: 512GB
•    ROM: 4GB
•    Webcam: Dual- Front: 2MP, Back: 5MP
•    Wireless: 802.11b/g/n
•    2G: GSM 900/1800/1900
•    3G: WCDA 2100MHz
•    G-sensor:  Support
•    Bluetooth: Ready
•    GPS: Built-in
•    Language: English and Chinese
•    Battery: 2050mAH Rechargeable Li-on Battery
•    Working time: Maximum of 3 days
•    Power Device: AC  adapter input 100/240V
•    Color: Black
•    Supports:  MS Office, Word, PPT, Excel
•    Email: Gmail, POP3, SMTP/IMAP4
•    Games: Supports
•    Video/Audio: supported
•    Picture: JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF
•    E-Book: PDF, Txt etc
•    Ports: Micro USB, Earphone Jack

The only difference in features with the Amoi N820 is the pixel in the camera and in the RAM, all the rests are the same. Buyers can opt for this model AMOI N818 since the N20 is currently out of stock.

Benefits of Buying the AMOI N818 Phone
Affordability – when it comes to the latest, the feature of this phone is one of the advanced in the market. It fuses the technology used in making the tablet pc, only it is made to fit into the phone infrastructure. Now when buyers check on the features, the price is definitely low.

Practical – what this product has to offer is practicality among its users. Consumers can do multi tasking and enjoy every bit of it. They can check their emails, play games, or watched their favorite videos, store and share data and a lot more. This gadget is very practical, and it can truly serve its purpose.

Price Wise
The current market price for this product is only $191.00 on retail and $188.32 on wholesale. Since the demand for this particular product is high, buyers can avail of the bulk buying or the wholesale to enjoy discounted items.

Where To Buy
LighTake is offering this product at low prices. The AMOI N818 is from China dropship direct where the company is also located. It offers free shipment and free tracking number for all buyers from anywhere in the country or outside China.

December 18th, 2012  Posted at   anima

Boys and girls and adult alike are amused with anime wallets. These days usually there are honestly plenty of adorable modest wallets in the industry to select from. You could possibly not realize it, but this explicit service is often a market prospective. Consumers are innately interested in wallets and also it is really bought low-cost.

It is possible to honestly invest in anime wallets almost everywhere. It is possible to procure it on-line or in the grocery counters, bookstores, specialty stores, and so forth… At the same time, if you’d like to acquire it in bulk, it is advisable to seek a wholesale business enterprise so that you can avail with the immense benefits. There’s a lot of wholesalers on-line including offline you can lookup for and choose the one which delivers the most cost effective.

At a Look
If you go and visit the positioning of LighTake- amongst the dropship  direct and wholesaler enterprise, you possibly can see a considerable amount of wallets that bear your favorite anime character. One of the most purchased products are;
Cute Anime Kutusita Nyanko PU Very long Wallet Purse Pink at $5.29 retail or $4.seventy eight on wholesale
Cute Anime Mr. Blissful PU Longer Wallet Purse Yellow at $5.29 at retail or $4.seventy eight on wholesale.
Cute Anime Jack PU Prolonged Wallet Purse White colored at $5.29 and $4.78 retail and wholesale respective

Also, the listing can go on. This supplier has loads of products offerings from your extraordinarily checklist price tag ranging from $3+ approximately $5+. You will be asking yourself why their products are bought significantly decreased; it is usually as these key wallets are made universally, it carries no targeted brand names, plus the price level is meant to be that low-priced to compete effectively in the sector.

LighTake programs supply non-branded alternate options to usual shoppers. It is just a identified proven fact that high-priced things aren’t really patronized, but it surely could be the other way around. Affordability issues which is precisely what LighTake is pushing.

Spouse with LighTake
Contrary to the major drop delivery manufacturers, LighTake won’t call for you to pay the membership fee after you indicator up. The platform is no cost in which you can instantaneously choose your solutions to market. It doesn’t necessitate you to recognise the computer language possibly, at the time you are achieved filling out the form; your membership is undoubtedly really good.

Positive factors
One of the several positive aspects once you get started with providing the anime wallets is that often you could buy it in bulk, like far more than 10 items and therefore the fee can go right down to its lowest. If you happen to invest in in bulk, you don’t essentially sustain the physical merchandise, should you be an internet vendor; you could potentially just retail outlet it just about with your cart and maintain providing them.

Concerning pricing, you’re able to strategically destination your cost clearly since you have the ability to purchase it in bulk. You possibly can acquire a glance with the current sector expense and tag your merchandise(s) competitively.

Relating to packing and delivery, you don’t ought to do the job bodily due to the fact your co-partner will get it done to suit your needs skillfully. What most shoppers want are affordability and good-quality items, and you simply can find it listed here in LighTake.

December 17th, 2012  Posted at   tools

Have you ever wished you could do free your working table with wires? Wire holder is the solution to that. If you haven’t heard it yet, this product is designed to keep all your wires in place leaving your table or wherever your computer maybe to be free from dangling wires. What this merchandise does is to keep each wire into its place.

The unruly wires attached to the computers, or even your home theater can be sore to the eye. Although you can temporarily tie them with a rubber band, but eventually it will break and the wires will be un-kept again. Thanks to the new invention such as the wire holder, consumers now can properly tidy their tables and entertainment areas where wires, of all kinds, are seen.

     Product Feature At A Glance
•Small and compact
•Brand New
•Attached with adhesive tape at the base area
•Comes in variety of colors for easy monitoring/labeling
•Pack comes in six colors
•Dimension: 28 x 15.8 mm
•Weight: 54 grams

Benefits of Owning a Pack of Wire Holder
Organized – when you check all your wires from your gadgets, iPhone, iPad,  usb        connector, and the rest of the wires, you might get overwhelmed. There are                   literally more than five wires or more in a daily basis that one uses. And when           you  use all of them, your table would certainly look like unruly. Wire holder              makes everything neat. You can use as many wire holders as you can, one for             each wire, so that your place will look arranged.

Cost Effective – while the use of recycle materials is also recommended to keep all     your wires; you may use a lot of busy time, designing how you will keep all your wires. The wire holder is every cheap, plus you consume too much time.

Easy To use – the wire holder is designed to have a sort of wire-slit that can hold different wire circumferences. Once you slot in the wire into its place, you can remove the adhesive tape at the bottom of the holder and have it glued to the side of your table or anywhere else. This makes the wire to its proper place.

The Price
In terms of price, the wire holder is sold relatively cheap.  It has a price of $2.99 on retail and $2.40 on wholesale. It comes in one pack, and it contains six pieces.
Where To Buy

You can place your order to LighTake one of the dropship direct  and wholesale who sell and promote this particular product. They are based in Hong Kong China, and these wire holders are products from China.  Online sellers and offline entrepreneurs can take advantage of the services offered by LighTake. As a drop shipper, their partners can promote, use their photos and make a sale. There is no need to worry about the professional packing and handling, LighTake handles that for you. And for offline traders, you can order as many as want, and enjoy the free shipping from all over the world.

December 14th, 2012  Posted at   best rc helicopter

To collect the smallest RC helicopters is a delight for the collector. The marketability of this merchandize maybe not as common as other commodities, but there are enthusiasts from all over the globe who are into RC helicopter’s collection. And when everything is factored out, those hobbyists can sum up to millions. 

There is a strong market for this toy. The captured market is kids who want s to fly their own choppers, and adults who are still fixated on this type of toys, which can be a lot. The mere sight of having the smallest choppers in your toy collection cabinet is just amazing. You can see the pure pleasure. The toy is very well demanded, and it is for this reason that it has gone out of stock.

Product Feature at a Glance

  • 3.5 Channel Remote control Helicopter with Gyro
  • Battery: 6 x AA batteries ( sold separately)
  • With color light indicator, mini helicopter flashlight
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Material: plastic and Metal
  • Movement: Multiple – hover up and down, forward and backward
  • Comes with USB and screwdriver
  • Dimensions: 124. X 110 x 60 mm
  • Weight:  roughly, around 320 grams

Benefits Of Owning and Selling

Needless to say, the smallest RC is one of the most sought-after toys. As of this writing, the product is out of stock, awaiting the next notice regarding its availability. The prime benefit when you own and sell this particular product all boils down to the price; it is inexpensive. And this is what most buyers want, practical cost and good-quality product. 

For sellers online, trading this kind of toy is a big hit. People are fast buying it because it is not cheap, and it can be given as a gift to any kid who wants to have one. You don’t have to shell out more to have the smallest RC choppers.

 The Price

Before the smallest RC helicopter was out of stock, the price was $25.99 on retail and $23.32 on wholesale. However, the price may not be the same once the product is made available, or it may bear the same tag.

Where To Buy

The quoted price is from LighTake – a dropship direct  company, who promote and sell the smallest RC helicopters. The company is based from Hong Kong China, and they sell products that are from China. With the smallest chopper, it is currently not available but knowing their connection with outer leading manufacturers. They may come out with a similar product or the same product sometime soon.

LighTake is a good partner in online and offline business. The company holds years of experience, and they offer good deals to its potential partners. For instance, they offer free shipping to any parts of the world; both the online and offline entrepreneurs can enjoy this benefit. For a drop shipping company, they pack and ship products bought from your website directly to your customers without having to worry about the minimum purchase.