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March 30th, 2013  Posted at   ps3 controller parts

The branded PS3 console can be pricey for some and for buyers who are on a tight budget, the allocation for this gaming console perhaps can take longer. Once the PS3 is bought the next thing to think of are the accessories. Fortunately, today, there are cheap PS3 console accessories out in the market. Since, the gaming console is very popular, there are more manufacturers designing their own affordable version of the accessories.

Buyers are now given the change to either buy the expensive offering or the cheap ones. Naturally, the affordable version takes the number-one spot, after all the PS3 accessories are “wants” and not the “need.” When searching for the cheap options, buyers can turn to some known establishment’s offline, and they can go online. The online proved to be more convenient because buyers can see the latest accessories and what is available.

Cheap PS3 Console Accessories to Choose From
• Vertical Stand for Sony Play Station 3 Slim – White, Black Price: $3.78 on retail and $3.33 on wholesale
• Earphone with Remote for Sony PSP 2000/3000 – White Price: $2.57 on retail and $2.14 on wholesale
• Dual charging Station Charger Dock for PS3 Move- Black Price$5.47 on retail and $5.04 on wholesale
• 1.8m USB Data Charging Cable with Magnetic Loop for PS3 – Black Price: $2.49 on retail and 2.07 on wholesale
• USB Dual Charging Dock Station for PS3 Game Controllers – Black Price: $4.31 on retail and $3.88 on wholesale
• Blue Light Dual Charger Station for PS3 Move Controller – Black Price: $6.30 on retail and $5.87 on wholesale
• Blue LED Dual USB Charger for PS3 Controller – Black Price: $6.31 on retail and $5.87 on wholesale
• Silicone Protective Cover Case for PS3 Console – Red, Green, Purple Price: $1.97 on retail and $1.54 on wholesale
• Dual USB Cooling Fan for PS3 Slim Console Black Price: $7.39 on retail and $6.91 on wholesale
• Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earphone for PS3 Black with Silver Price: $11.59 on retail and $11.12 on wholesale

There are a lot of accessories for PS3 to choose from, and buyers don’t have to worry on the prices because it is very cheap. Depending on the items selected, buyers can fully gear up their gaming console, from the cooling fan, Bluetooth headset, silicon protective cover, charger, vertical stand and so on. Everything is priced very affordably.

Benefits of Buying the Cheap PS3 Console Accessories

Enjoy More Savings – buyers can compare the prices from the branded PS3 accessories to the ones that don’t have any specific name attached to it. So when buyers purchase more than one accessory, this is where the value of money is fully enjoyed.

More Accessories to Choose From – buyers can enjoy more deals than before. When the shopping is done online, buyers are free to choose from among hundred plus deals, all tagged very affordably. These accessories are also ideal for gifts and for reselling purposes making it more viable for entrepreneurs.

Where To Buy
LighTake is offering the low-priced PS3 console accessories. The company is one of the dropshipping/wholesaler that is based in China, which their products originated. They offer free shipping and free tracking number for purchases of over $15.

November 23rd, 2012  Posted at   ps3 controller parts

Now the Nokia N900 impressed the users more than any other smartphone living up to the hype and proving an exceptionally talented handset. Also nokia N900 gets better as it can also be used to control the Sony PS3 now known as ps3 controller. The ps3 controller is proving a near ideal companion for regular controller user. Also the ps3 controller is available now directly from the Extras Devel repository on users Nokia N900, and this fantastic application will allow the device to actually mimic other Bluetooth gadgets. Now the ps3 controller has the ability to control anything from Keyboards, mice and gaming controllers.

Since the days there is also a range of cheap ps3 controllers that is available for different using. The PS3 controller uses both bluetooth and USB for communication. To communicate over USB you simply plug in the cable tell the controller to send you data and away you go. If you want to change the LED’s or make it rumble you just send the controller a command and it happens. For bluetooth communication you need to first get the bluetooth address of your adapter then over USB connection set this in the PS3 controller. Then once you press the PS button the controller searches for that address adapter and communication can begin. The controller also has a 3 axis accelerometer and a single gyro which can all be read.The DualShock Analog Controller is a controller capable of providing vibration feedback based on the on-screen action of the game (if the game supports it), as well as analog input through two sticks. The controller is called “DualShock” because the controller employs two vibration motors: a weak buzzing motor that feels like a mobile phone or pager vibration and a strong rumble motor similar to that of the Nintendo 64′s Rumble Pak.

You can also play video games on your PC using your PS3 controller. You don’t need to hassle with annoying keyboard configurations or awkward joysticks to play your favorite games online. Just follow some steps and add the convenience of a ps3 controller parts to your PC gaming experience.

. Brand new soft silicone protective cover case for PS3 console game controller
. Fashionable and ergonomic design
. Durable anti-skidding silicone case
. Soft silicone material, comfortable touch feeling
. Protects your PS3 console surface effectively from scratches, dust, oil,   crash and dirt
. Total and easy access to the ports and controls
. Completely fit for PS3 game controller

The best ps3 controllers are those that can keep you on the edge of your seat twenty-four by seven with no room for disappointment.The experence has to be biggr,better and deadlier as it progresses,without that adrenaline mind and well,your hands,are not into it.