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September 28th, 2013  Posted at   best rc helicopter, mini helicopter, mini rc helicopter, RC Helicopter

Are you finding a gift for your son, daughter or friends? This iPhone RC Helicopter may be a good choice. Because everyone has a dream of flying in the sky!

Feautures of this Micro RC Helicopter:

1. Forward and backward, up and down, excellent hover performance over 360 degrees.
2. Fine-tuning knob, dual protection, light control, indoor flying, 3Dflying in all directions with a built-in gyroscope
3. 3 channels infrared remote control aircraft high-speed stability of coaxial wings design it is easy to control
4. ABS high elastic decaying resistance material non-toxic and pollution-free materials

Mini Rc Helicopter

Mini Rc Helicopter

iPhone RC Helicopter

iPhone RC Helicopter


.Material: ABS plastic + Aluminum alloy frame
.Channel: 3.5
.Charging Time: 25min
.Working Time: 6min
.Control Range: 15 meters
.Remote Control Type: iPhone/ iTouch/ iPod
.Battery: 3.7V 80mAh lithium battery

Besides, there are kinds of RC Helicopters you can choose:

January 26th, 2013  Posted at   RC Helicopter

Everybody want have a RC Helicopter in they young times, If you have a child now,   you will buy a rc helicopter to her/he?

Now buy this helicopter is very cheap from just need $36.89.

WLtoys V388 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro and Super Carrier Ability – Yellow

WLtoys V388 RC Helicopter


.Brand new WLtoys V388 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter
.Built-in Gyro for amazing stability
.3.5 Channel omnibearing control system
.Full functions: up, down, forward, backward, turn left and right, hover, trimming, light control, speed up, hook up hook down
.Controllable hook can be adjusted rise and fall, can transport light goods
.Advanced Lipo battery provide long and powerful flight
.Ultra stable twin rotors design for both indoor and outdoor flight
.Adopts solid alloy metal material and exquisite workmanship
.Fully assembled, ready to fly
.Light weight composite design for durability and high performance flight


.Color: Yellow
.Model: V388
.Material: Alloy + ABS Plastic
.Channel: 3.5
.Remote Distance: About 15meters
.Flying Height: 10m
.Helicopter Battery: 240mah lithium battery
.Control Battery: 6 * 1.5V AA battery (not included)
.Flight Time: 8 minutes for 5 grams things, hang heavy too much can reduce flight time
.Charging Time: 30 minutes
.Package Dimensions: 340*90*290mm
.Weight: 550g
Package Included:

.1 x V388 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter
.1 x Remote Control
.1 x User Manual
.1 x Tail Blade
.2 x Main Blade
.1 x USB Cable
.1 x Hook Basket

January 19th, 2013  Posted at   RC Helicopter

Kids and adults alike are a big remote control helicopter. For buyers who are planning to buy a piece or more items, they can do so without having to worry much on the price. The best remote control helicopter is on sale, and the price is really very low. The emergence of the independent suppliers and manufacturers is one of the reasons why the prices of this particular toy are made affordable.

Years back the prices of the remote control helicopter were pricey because what are sold in the market are products that are branded. Today, buyers can expect a more generic product, which means that the remote control helicopter has no brand, thus the price is relatively affordable. This particular product is worth the price because the materials used are from good sources. It is cheap because manufacturers don’t have to import the materials. It is made from China, where most branded RC Choppers came from.

The Best Remote Control Helicopters
Price Range: $20+
•    B-52 4CH Remote Control Bomber RC Mini Helicopter with Gyro – Red, Yellow Price: $26.29 on retail and $23.70 on wholesale
•    S107G 3.5 CH iPhone/Android controlled RC Mini Helicoper with Gyro-White, Green Price: $26.99 on retail and $25.03 on wholesale
•    S107 3CH Infrared RC Mini Metal Helicopter with Gyro- Green, Blue, White Price: $24.99 on retail and $22.28 on wholesale

Price Range: $30+
•    8001G 2.4 GH Remote control RC Mini Alloy Helicopter with Gyro-Red, Blue Price: $36.49 on retail and $35.15 on wholesale
•    Z006 3CH Remote Control RC Mini Helicopter with Gyro-Orange, Blue Price: $30.68 on retail and $28.68 on wholesale

Price Range: $40+
•    Udi U15 Wifi 3CH RC Helicopter with Gyro for New iPad/iPhone/iPod –Red with Silver Price: $49.27 on retail and $46.86 on wholesale
•    HCW553 2.4GHz 4-Axis RC 4-channel Mini UFO Aircraft Helicopter- Grey Price: $47.99 on retail and $45.56 on wholesale

Buyers can also buy remote control helicopters for $10+, $50 up to $100+ depending on their budget. This price offering is very liberating to buyers because they can just buy any models they want depending on how much they can afford it.

Benefits of Buying the Remote Control Helicopter
Affordable- there is no doubt that the price of these RC helicopters is made very affordable to all. Buyers and entrepreneurs alike can save more and earn more if they are planning to resell it. The demand for this kind of toy is all year round because this can also be an ideal birthday gift for both kids and adults alike.
Widely available – the best remote control helicopter is offered online and as such buyers from all over the globe can have a free access to this toy.

Where to Buy
LighTake is selling the best remote control helicopter at these prices. LighTake is a dropshipping/wholesaler company that is based in China. Their products are also from China, direct from the manufacturer’s pit. They offer free shipment in, and outside the region plus buyers will have the change to have a free tracking number of the purchase is more than $15.

January 15th, 2013  Posted at   RC Car

Kids and even adults are always fascinated with the electric cars regardless of the brand. The electric cars for kids are selling like hot cakes. Buyers are shopping for this kind of products because of its marketability and its affordability.  The demand of this kind of toy is high because kids, young adults and even adults are among the target market. On sellers can earn much on this electric car because of the vast target market.

If you are the buyer who wants to resell this kind of product, all there is to be done is to look for a dependable partner that can provide a stable supply of the goods and the most importantly the retail price is cheap. On the business point of view, selling this best rc cars  for kids essentially needs little money to begin with. Buyers can look for a dropshipping company that sells this particular product and starts promoting the product. It requires no technical skills, but buyers need to be good in promoting the product.
Electric Cars for Kids to Choose From

•    Android Smartphone Controlled Bluetooth Wall Climbing RC Car/Vehicle – Gold Price: $30.54 on retail and $28.36 on wholesale
•    i20 iPhone/iPad/iPod Controlled Rechargeable Wall Climbing RC Car – Silver with Blue Price: $30.99 on retail and $28.77 on wholesale
•    9920C Spiderman Metal RC Wall Climbing Car Silver with Black Price: $18.99 on retail and $16.46 on wholesale
•    1/14 Scale 7-Channel RC Music Stunt Car/Vehicles with colorful Light and Gyro Price: $67.99 on retail and $65.1 on wholesale
•    1/10 Scale Superior RC Racing Car Remote Control Cross Country Car Multi-color (8868) Price: $177.99 on retail and $175.57
•    Camaro 1/10 Scale Remote Control 4WD RC Drift Cars Yellow Price: $752.99 on retail and $70.67 on wholesale
There are more models to choose from, and buyers can select from among at least 51 models or even more. This is what buyers can see in LighTake; however, there are also a number of electric cars for kids that are already sold out, which most buyers are awaiting for the next available stocks.

Benefits of Buying the Electric Cars For Kids
Affordable – buyers don’t have to worry much on their budget because the choices offered by LighTake cover very affordable models to expensive one. The lowest price that buyers can have ranges from $14+, and the highest is at $130+. From the prices’ ranges, buyers can easily plot what models to buy.

Easy Access – buyers don’t have to search all day long to look for the most sellable items. They can look it up in the net and start planning what to buy and how to promote it, if buyers are forecasting to sell it.
Items are Sellable –looking at the sold out times, electric cars for kids; buyer can easily resell and dispose the product. What it needs is a strong promotion to reach to the intended market.

Where To Buy
LighTake is a dropshipping and wholesale company that is based in China. Their company offers free packaging and shipment at no cost at all and if the buyer’s purchase has reached $15, buyers are entitled to a free tracking number.

December 14th, 2012  Posted at   best rc helicopter

To collect the smallest RC helicopters is a delight for the collector. The marketability of this merchandize maybe not as common as other commodities, but there are enthusiasts from all over the globe who are into RC helicopter’s collection. And when everything is factored out, those hobbyists can sum up to millions. 

There is a strong market for this toy. The captured market is kids who want s to fly their own choppers, and adults who are still fixated on this type of toys, which can be a lot. The mere sight of having the smallest choppers in your toy collection cabinet is just amazing. You can see the pure pleasure. The toy is very well demanded, and it is for this reason that it has gone out of stock.

Product Feature at a Glance

  • 3.5 Channel Remote control Helicopter with Gyro
  • Battery: 6 x AA batteries ( sold separately)
  • With color light indicator, mini helicopter flashlight
  • Infra-red remote control
  • Material: plastic and Metal
  • Movement: Multiple – hover up and down, forward and backward
  • Comes with USB and screwdriver
  • Dimensions: 124. X 110 x 60 mm
  • Weight:  roughly, around 320 grams

Benefits Of Owning and Selling

Needless to say, the smallest RC is one of the most sought-after toys. As of this writing, the product is out of stock, awaiting the next notice regarding its availability. The prime benefit when you own and sell this particular product all boils down to the price; it is inexpensive. And this is what most buyers want, practical cost and good-quality product. 

For sellers online, trading this kind of toy is a big hit. People are fast buying it because it is not cheap, and it can be given as a gift to any kid who wants to have one. You don’t have to shell out more to have the smallest RC choppers.

 The Price

Before the smallest RC helicopter was out of stock, the price was $25.99 on retail and $23.32 on wholesale. However, the price may not be the same once the product is made available, or it may bear the same tag.

Where To Buy

The quoted price is from LighTake – a dropship direct  company, who promote and sell the smallest RC helicopters. The company is based from Hong Kong China, and they sell products that are from China. With the smallest chopper, it is currently not available but knowing their connection with outer leading manufacturers. They may come out with a similar product or the same product sometime soon.

LighTake is a good partner in online and offline business. The company holds years of experience, and they offer good deals to its potential partners. For instance, they offer free shipping to any parts of the world; both the online and offline entrepreneurs can enjoy this benefit. For a drop shipping company, they pack and ship products bought from your website directly to your customers without having to worry about the minimum purchase.